Preparations For Service


I have made a decision, one that involves you. From today, Tuesday 1/13/15 to Sunday 1/25/15, I will be doing one of two things. Either, one, I will not be posting at all. Or two, I will be posting, but leaving comments closed. If I move forward with option number two, and even with option number one, I ask all of you, not to leave any comments anywhere for me to answer. I am not up to it at this time.

I have so many things to accomplish before I leave my home to be present at my Dad’s full military service, with taps and gun salute. I must train my husband to be me, which to be truthful with you, is not going too well at the moment.

I have been given the job to restore hundreds of old photographs for the family on our Dropbox Dad site. I must get this house cleaned from top to bottom, all laundry caught up, teaching my husband to be me, and getting myself prepared to leave for my Dad’s service. I must focus all my attention at this time on my biological family, my nuclear family, and everything I must do in order to leave.

If I can, I will publish posts, but again, comments will be closed. Please no cheating by leaving comments elsewhere where comments are open. This is a time of healing that I require, of closure, of opportunity to be reunited with family members I haven’t seen in many years, and be introduced to family members I have yet to meet. This too is my Dad’s dream, that our dysfunctional family come together to heal. And that, my friends, is exactly what I will be doing.

I will miss you, without a doubt. You KNOW how much I LOVE to talk with you. And I KNOW how much you LOVE to talk with me. Let us together exercise discipline in order to give me the means to put my full attention to the needs of my family right now. I thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my Heart for being in my Life, for supporting me at this time of my Life, and for understanding the decisions I have made.

I do Love all of you, without exception. I carry you with me in my Heart as I walk the Road of Healing. I will once again be up and running, hopefully IF I am up to it, on Monday, 1/26/15. I also am bringing my iPad with me on the trip to where I am headed, just in case I feel the need to reach out to some of you for support and Love. I leave each of with Peace and Love from me to you.

Photography/ “Preparations For Service” 2015©AmyRose

[Picture is of Dad and me in 1958 in front of our home.]