LONG Shutter Speeds And Then Some! (5 Images)

Again, again I tell you, magic happened! And yet again, I have another tale to tell. Yep, sure do! Now, don’t cheat and scroll down to get to the images before you read my tale. Get a hold of that inner discipline, grab hold of Patience, and read my story THEN see the Treasures I bring to you. The wait will be worth it and I do promise to keep my tale short and sweet.

Yesterday we had a heat wave of 29°F, so I gathered together my camera equipment determined to chase waterfalls. I also decided to use for the first time my ND400 filter. Now, IF I could redo what I did yesterday, I would have put the ND8 filter on, instead of the ND400. Why? Because I could NOT see what I was shooting. Instead of foggy glasses making my vision impossible, I contended with a filter on a cloudy day, making my vision through my view finder almost impossible.

I went by geometric designs that I could see in order to get a shot. I went by my gut as I carefully panned the waterfalls with my camera, looking for something that would pop out at me. Of course I peeked over my camera, scanning, scanning, zooming in on a place I wanted to point my camera, and once I got my camera aimed in that direction, squinted and strained to SEE through that view finder. It was SO dark my auto focus at times would not work. Yep, true.

Then … the bridge. Using my 70-300mm lens which is very heavy to begin with, after I got my image in focus, I made very sure that my camera was not moving a hair. Well, that day, for some reason, the traffic was atrocious, with car after car crossing that bridge, and every time one did, that bridge would rumble, tremble, as so too did my camera. Many a time, I waited until I heard no traffic, PLEASE CARS STAY AWAY, suppressed the shutter, and while 15 seconds were being counted down due to shutter speed, suddenly a motor in the distance would approach that bridge, and inside of me I heard NOOOOOOOO! HURRY, CAMERA!!! I counted the seconds, and my seconds were faster then the ones in my camera. Many images were being processed as a car, sometimes cars, were passing on that bridge, and yep, tremble, rumble that bridge would go. *sighs*

So yes, there is motion in some of my images. I did not ever say I was perfect, and neither in the same fashion, is my camera.

I took many images yesterday, one more beautiful after the other. Of course, I had NO idea what I was actually shooting until again, I arrived home and uploaded my images into PS. Another thing, these images were really challenging to edit because they all came out SO dark. Yet, when you see the final rendition of each image, you will be oohhhhhing and ahhhhing just like me.

Are you now ready? Here we go! Enjoy and thank YOU for viewing my work. Let me know in the comments if you would like to see more of these series once a week, or twice a week. It’s up to you. I aim to please! (smile)






Photography/ “LONG Shutter Speeds And Then Some!” 2015©AmyRose

[Photos taken at Blossom Falls in Elma, NY]

Note:  Not sure if I am up to blogging today, my friends. Just please enjoy my Gift to you.


142 thoughts on “LONG Shutter Speeds And Then Some! (5 Images)

  1. Oh, these shots are stunning… And love your story! There is something amazing that working with ND can create…not just in the final product but in the creation process: choosing the right filter, creativity in see what shots would work best…and then finally just the peace as you wait and take the shots ~ uncertain of the results and happy with this uncertainty. Cheers to you and may you find peace in this difficult start of the new year for you. Take care!

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    1. Randall, I am delighted by your comment. I am right now editing more photos from this session, with a goal of getting them up and published before I leave for my Dad’s service. I am so glad you enjoyed these. More are on the way …. (((HUGS))) Amy


  2. Stunning work as always and so nice to see you back online my sweet Amy!!! I always enjoy your waterfall work. My hubbie wants to get an ND filter; he was just talking about it last night! I am putting him to work for a new business venture!! Hugs and love – Lisa 🌺

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    1. My ND filter I bought through B&H and it is the B&H brand. I highly recommend this brand. There are several different ND’s, the darkest I believe being the ND400, which you can barely see through. I also bought the solid ND versus the gratient ones. If your hubby has any questions, Lisa, tell him to tell you so you can write me. I will be more then happy to help, if I can. All the best on the new business venture. How exciting!!! Love, and (((HUGS))) Amy


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