Water Magic Part I (6 Images)


Do I EVER have a treat for you!  Kids, it is waterfalls time!  For those of you who have been with me for a while, you will remember Glen Falls.  I was supposed to go to Niagara Falls this year but Life intervened, and the trip was canceled.  Gee, funny how those things happen.

Yesterday we had a heat wave of 22 degrees (F) [-5 C], and even though it was snowing lightly, I gathered together my outer gear and my Canon gear.  I was headed for some waterfalls close by and in so doing, used for the first time my ND8 filter.  I ran up and down stairs, getting all together, and in my excitement forgot my wool socks, forgot something else too, which meant I had to run back upstairs.  Got what I had forgotten and headed for the stairs!

Ran back down the stairs, got dressed, and between my equipment and my clothes, barely rolled out the door.  Hey, this winter photography is tough beans, let me tell you!  When I arrived at my destination, of course, the snow decided to come down even that harder.  Nope, I was not going to let 45 minutes slip by in which I could use my camera.  I had to work fast and all the training I have had to do just that, was employed.

I set up my tripod on the bridge (no trudging through snow this time … smart!), and before I could take my camera out of the carrying case, took off my parka hood to use for cover for my camera.  Brushing off the snow first before I laid my camera case down (OH NO! Now I have a wet glove! I did NOT want to do that! Expletive!), I brushed off the snow as best as possible from that glove, opened the case, and put my camera on the tripod.  Quickly I then put my hood on the camera making sure the view finder was not blocked nor the lens opening.

Now this is the thing. I made sure my camera was turned on, and then went to slip my glasses on, the glasses I use to see my LCD screen with. In so doing, those glasses fogged up and were covered with snow, making vision impossible. Did that stop me? No. I stooped down to peer through the view finder, (thank goodness for diopters!) and when I did, that (darn) hat of mine again slipped over my eyes.  Another expletive, another impatient shove of the hat so I could see, and to work I went.

I had NO clue if what I shot came out OK, because I could not see the LCD screen.  I peered over the camera, locked my eyes on where I wanted to shoot, moved my camera, set all the settings with the fingers of my right hand very carefully under the hood without knocking that hood off, and then depressed the shutter release cable button that I was holding in my left hand.  I took several pics of the same location just to make sure I really got the perfect shot, because hey, I could not see that LCD screen.

As I shot, the snow came down harder.  Oh come on! Not now!!!  That still did not deter me, until it came down so hard, I was concerned the clarity wouldn’t be that great.  So I wrapped things up, gathered all my equipment up, and headed for my car.  I only saw the images when I got home after I uploaded into my organizer, and that is when my jaw dropped.

Are you ready for more water magic?  There are six images below, of a total of 14 images, so yep, another post will be coming soon.  These falls are located in a creek called Buffalo Creek, and their name is Blossom Falls.  At one time, starting in the late 1800’s, there was a grain mill at Blossom Falls with a huge water wheel. The abandoned grain mill is still standing, but because water levels have dropped so much, the water wheel is no longer there. Please do enjoy these photos and as you do, picture me with a hat that kept on slipping over my eyes, the snow coming down, and with my parka hood balanced precariously on my camera to keep it dry.  Yep, I have gumption!  It is called what I do to bring to you MAGIC!

imageimage image imageimage image

 Photography/ “Water Magic” 2015©AmyRose

[Photos taken in Elma, NY]

146 thoughts on “Water Magic Part I (6 Images)

  1. Absolutely stunning shots, Amy. And yay for people like you who brave the elements, the fogged glasses, the falling hat and the wet gloves to bring us pictures like this! I really enjoyed that description BTW 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I am so grateful that you share this beauty with us. I am grateful to Mama Earth for the beauty she has set before us and for the energy in these photos. You have captured the essence of this place of peace and harmony. I love the energy and beauty of the first one the most.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw, thank you, Ruth. I am thrilled you enjoyed these, for part of the JOY for me is to share what I see and what I capture. When I read comments like yours, my Heart just sings!!! Thank YOU for making my day brighter! Love, Amy


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