Vibration Of Love

64 thoughts on “Vibration Of Love

    1. Actually, I deepened the color on Her. The original color was too blase, so I wanted to give this one a bit more color. I actually think this flower looks as She does because she was on Her way going down. So the way Her looks are, are real. I LOVE your observations, Marissa. LOL (((HUGS))) Amy


    1. *blushing* Thank you, Dan. This is one of those photos I collected while running around like a mad woman trying to gain back some flowers after loosing all my pictures. Yes, She sure is a beauty, and never would have been found IF I had not lost my photos. See? There really is GOOD that comes out of all situations. Love, Amy

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      1. Dan, I have been through so much in Life, that IF I had adopted a negative attitude, I probably wouldn’t be writing this today. It takes a lot to get me down, and when I do get down, I don’t stay there for long! BIG (((HUGS))) Amy

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    1. Aw, Laura, I’ve really been working with a lot of effort in the editing room (s). I am constantly outdoing my work, seemingly as if I just don’t even look back, but continue to move forward, learning something new to what I already know. Just amazing, this process I find myself in. Thank you SO much for your compliment. It really meant a lot to me. (((HUGS))) Amy


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