My Christmas Wish List (8 Images) + Music Video

NOTE:  I am just now studying my Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 manual (found it online) and with some of the photos here, I had the settings wrong. Even though some of these images are not AmyRose quality, I am still posting them so that when I do improve with this camera, you will see it. SMILE! …

I was so taken with this video when I first heard it on the Professor’s blog that I decided to post it here for your listening pleasure. You can either watch the video, if you have time, or just listen to it while you read my Christmas Wish List. Either way, I HOPE you enjoy it as much as I did!

*For those of you who do not celebrate Christmas, my wish to you is … May the Love of this Season be known to you and your Loved ones, now and throughout the year long.*


Now let’s get on to my Christmas Wish List this year …

Right at the top of my wish list is Peace:



My second wish this year is my continued health and strength as my back and body heal from a severe back injury that happened in 1993.

imageI RECEIVED. (My Yoga mat … PINK of course!)


My third wish is to have friends and family in my life, as we hang together on the Branches of Life.



I RECEIVED. (2nd [iPad] photo of Julien, my Great Nephew born 10-14-14)


My fourth wish is to see hubby become like a little kid again with his Heart a’smiling.

imageI RECEIVED. (tears)


My fifth wish is to again see my Molly start eating who is struggling with Congestive Heart Failure, and even on medication had begun to deteriorate. Daddy found a Homeopathy Remedy that strengthens Cardiac muscle, and lo and behold! she is eating on her own once again!

imageI RECEIVED. (tears)


My sixth wish is to increase my communications skills with animals. Meaghan has not ever looked at me like this:

imageI RECEIVED. (tears)


My seventh wish is to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and may this year, you come to understand the real meaning of Christmas, that which is LOVE. Merry Christmas, my Friends!



Photography/ “My Christmas Wish List …” 2014©AmyRose

[All photos except #3 taken with my Samsung Galaxy Camera 2. Number 4 photo taken with my iPad.]

159 thoughts on “My Christmas Wish List (8 Images) + Music Video

  1. This is so nice. What a beautiful post!! Happy late holidays!! On another note, thanks for stopping by “It Is What It Is” and the follow; deeply appreciated. Hope you enjoy your visits there!! Peace …

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