Shining Star

72 thoughts on “Shining Star

  1. when this came up in my reader – the blueish hue popped out at me – and the whole color scheme was refreshing – 🙂 and maybe that is because I have just seen two dozen entries of “yellow” for the wpc – so I extra liked this lady rose-ski.


      1. they really did – and it is another reason why I like your blog – it is all you – and I like how you share about this and that with your art and pics….

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      1. Hehehehehehe ….. What’s up? Did your clipped claws slide across the keys too fast? Did ya push oops reply before you were done with the reply. Tee hee ….. I mean SORRY your human did that to YOU! The nerve! With so much compassion, Mom BonZo


      2. HOLY KATS! How can you type on that itty bitty tiny impossible keyboard? Much less SEE my flowers? I’m impressed, Shrimp, cause I avoid my phone and camera too, which yes has a keyboard …. like the plague. Uh uh. And OH!! I must tell you! Since hubby changed channels on our internet (don’t ask I don’t know) our speed has been up and I have not been getting kicked off my iPad like I was before. Sooooooooo perhaps it isn’t all apple’s fault why my iPad is goofy. Now it’s working good …. I can even send you goodies …. which I already did. So, when your human checks out tablets … tell her not to discount apple’s iPad. This is SO nice to be able to use my iPad. Tween you and me, IF I could have afforded it, I would have gone Mac for my latptop with the retina screen. What I have now is SO hard to edit on … then I check it twice with my iPad and tweak the image with my iPad apps. Anywho …. aint I the chatty one today? OH MY!!! MOL Love, MB

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