a word I have come to know
is more dear to me
then any riches of this world.

Photography by Angie/ “Friendship” 2014ยฉAmyRose

When I lost 99.9999999999% of my photographs, an Angel by the name of Angie began sending me, one by one to my email, photographs of her flowers that she had taken with her camera. She told me that they were mine to do with as I wished. I was so touched by her generosity, I wanted to give back to her a little by presenting this post in dedication to her. Angie, I am forever grateful to you for what you did for me. I hope you like how I edited your flowers.

Bless you, Angie.

Love, Amy

65 thoughts on “Friendship

  1. Angie,huh? A lady named Angie found my lost cell-phone in the hospital when I went in for a check-up. She not only hunted my phone down for me, she physically, personally delivered it to me three days later when I went in for chemo. She knew where I would be, and since she couldn’t call me, she brought me my phone in person. That is what I call patient care. I wonder if the women who name their daughter’s Angie foresee their child’s nature when they look into their newborn’s eyes? Seems to me, both of these women were appropriately named. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Angie is VERY close to Angel. What do you think? I think there really are Angels walking among us. Amazing story about your cell phone. There really are good people in this world, and when one is found, amazement and awe are felt. I know. Have a glorious day!!! Love, Amy


  2. Blessings are gifted to us in many ways. You my friend have been blessed richly with such a selfless act. Many blessings to Angie as well. Matthew


    1. When we have eyes that see, Matthew, it is then we see the Blessings in our Lives. Ahhhh …. just what I have been waiting for. SNOW! Let it snow so Bill and I can take more pics. Is it snowing where you are? Can you see? Love, Amy

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      1. It snowed here today…and as an extra gift, I was released to come home! Oh, and a helicopter to play with…inside of course…hehe yes, I really AM a big kid! Peace my friend. ~Matthew


    1. Don’t loose HOPE in this world, Chris. I promise not to if you won’t. I’ve come close believe me, especially lately when just about everything I have bought has been defected. And then the news. And how people in general act. NO! I will not focus on the ugly, but I will focus on the beauty. BIG (((HUGS))) …. please give (((HUGS))) to Yvonne for me too! Love, Amy

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  3. Amy, thank you. I am the one who is blessed by you and your friendship. I love what you have done with the photos, and I so appreciate the Love and Peace I have found in being your friend. Love from Kentucky, Angie


    1. The photo was taken by Angie, and I edited it. I gave Angie credit for the phootgraph because she is the one who took this glorious image. I edited it to make the colors and the stamen pop. Hope you are having a good day, Marissa. Love, Amy


  4. Hello Amy, you mean you lost your photo archives with a computer glitch?

    So sad to hear that, and were you able to retrieve?

    Whatever happened, the experience you gained during these days is priceless and you will come up with even better images,I am sure ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have a beautiful day, Amy ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. I lost my photographs when I dropped an extrernal hard drive, Sreejith. I was NOT able to retrieve my photographs. Companies who offered their services to do so, quoted me prices of $900.00-$3,000.000 USD and no way was I going to pay that. I thought if maybe I tried retrieving my photos right from the camera card with RECUVA, I would have a good chance of retrieving my pics. I tried, and only SOME were retrieved, the majority not. I lost about 14,0000 photos, retrieving about 700. That was a huge loss, my friend, but I turned around and ran around like a crazy woman getting as many flowers as I could. This was in October when most flowers are going down or have died back. I flew over to a Nursery to ask if I could photograph what flowers they had, and I was told yes. So, I spent hours there, flew to another place, took hundreds of pics and just about everything I saw I photographed. Now I am using flash drives and I am going to back up as well with DVD’s. I am still thinking of a third way to back up. I will not ever go through this nightmare again. All those photos represented all of my work from this past year. I know you haven’t been around lately, so I took the time to explain to you what happened. I was able to recoup my loss by retrieving some images from my camera card, and getting shots of Nature I wouldn’t have otherwise. All is GOOD, Sreejith. I refuse to let this get me down or deter me. Love, Amy

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      1. I salute the positive thinking and I am sure, we are in for a real treat as winter retreats ๐Ÿ™‚

        I used a free software called Zero Assumption Recovery or ZtoA recovery when my SD card was infected with virus and I had to format it. I managed to recover quite a lot of images. Hope you would have tried similar applications already.

        Have a beautiful day, Amy… now you can start shooting snow and Ice I feel, really interesting subjects, for sure…


      2. What’s done is done, my friend. I am going forward and this incident will only spur me on to take fantastic winter shots. This is NOT my fav season, but I will learn to come to LOVE it. (((HUGS))) Amy

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    1. Uncle, Spike, IF I had offers like Angie and one other woman, no wait, two men too, I would have been so flooded with images I wouldn’t have been motivated to run around like a mad woman getting new images (which I did). So everything worked out beautifully. Now that hubby has a new camera, I have a photo buddy, so there will be coming lots of beautiful winter photos here at Petals. Yes, Angie truly is an example to all of us. She really is an Angel. (((HUGS))) Amy

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