The Party Boy Now Knows (3 iPad Images)


Well, hubby now knows that he is the proud owner of a Canon Rebel t5i camera. Upon opening his first gift, he said out loud “Oh oh, I knew it!” because all the gifts are camera related. Hubby got a camera holster, a camera bag, my two kit lenses, a 16GB camera card, and a leather storage bag to keep the lens that he is not using, stored.

Hubby also read all your comments on my “Why Husband is Getting What He is” and he was rather taken aback on how many comments there were. He passes along a huge THANK YOU to all of you who wrote a special message for him.

While his battery is charging (hindsight! I should have done it already …. duh!) hubby is reading his manual to get a “feel” for his new camera. Yes, he LOVES how this camera fits in his hand, and it is not complicated or heavy like my camera is. Yes, my friends, this gift is a hit and now hubby is playing already with his new toy!!! There is now a new gleam in his eyes …. something I have missed for many years!

We are planning on going out later today to get some shots. YIPPEE!!!! I am SO happy right now I have tears in my eyes. OH!, when hubby opened one of his gifts, his own camera bag, he burst out laughing. Why? Because it is a camera bag of his that he had loaned to me and now I am giving it back to him. He thought this so funny and to see him laugh made me laugh until I had tears in my eyes.

So, here you go. Three photos of hubby and his new toys. The first photo is adorable, yet blurred due to the fact I was using my iPad (for convenience). The two cats in the photographs are Cuddles (white with black spots) and Meaghan (Calico). Notice my torn wall paper. That is compliments of Cuddles who loves to work with paper as his medium for art. LOL What can I say? Our house is clean but very lived in. As well it should be!!

I really extend a huge thank you to all of you who have been reading my posts about my husband’s birthday. Without you, I would have not been able to keep this secret I was just that excited. YOU all made my husband’s birthday so special, and I am truly grateful. Starting either tomorrow or Monday, Petals will resume with comments open and with my usual posts. Come to think of it, what IS usual for me? LOL One does not know what next shall come forth from me, even me. (laughing!)

iPad Photography/ “The Party Boy Now Knows” 2014©AmyRose