The Leaf

58 thoughts on “The Leaf

  1. These words are so beautiful and so full of meaning, especially for me, and beautiful photo.
    Such beautiful, rich fall colors. The lighting is amazing.
    Ty for sharing this.


    1. I am deeply touched and very honored by your words. Thank you, Sunsetdragon. My Heart is thrilled this post meant something special to you. I normally do not post of Tuesday evening, yet my Heart guided me to. This truly was meant for you to see. ((HUGS))) Amy


    1. Oh, Leanne, thank you SO much! I saw the sun coming out from beneath a cloud, so I quickly got on my stomach on the ground. As I looked through my view finder, laying on the ground looking up at this leaf, what I saw took my breath away. I SO wanted to get what I saw as I saw it. As I was about to snap the shutter, I saw the golden round light in the background and just KNEW I had to snap NOW! And yes! I got it! I also worked in LR5 mobile after I cropped and sharpened in PS Elements, to really enhance this amazing light. If someone asked me if I digitally created this image, I would have to laugh and say sorry but I am a bit dumb yet to do that. LOL Your comment meant SO much to me. Thank YOU! This one even amazed me! Love, Amy


    1. Oh wow, I am stunned and really really honored, my friend, that you commented. Thank you! As I just told Leanne, this one amazed me! The “feeling” I still have when I edited this image, is one I am not able to describe. (((HUGS))) Amy

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  2. “HOME”…yes! To go home…to be at home…to Embrace Home…This post my precious friend lives deep within me…Beautiful words, beautiful post done so by a beautiful soul. Much love. ~Matthew


    1. Thank you SO much! When I saw how the light was shining through the reds, I immediately knew I was witnessing something special. I really thank you for recognizing that. (((HUGS))) Amy


      1. The people out here in the Forest have no qualms about letting their pit bulls run loose and destroy cats. My beloved Thomasine, an outside kitty, was torn asunder by a giant white pit bull unrestrained. I weep.


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