Transitions Bring New Growth

66 thoughts on “Transitions Bring New Growth

    1. Goosebumps. Oh wow! Just covered in goosebumps. This is what I “felt” as well. Nurturing. Acceptance of what IS. Bowing knowing that this Flower is tightly embracing Her Buds. How beautiful. I am so moved by your words, Orples. Bless you mightily!! Love, Amy

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    1. GRIN!!!! You’ve got a very sensitive “eye”, Marissa, one I totally enjoy! This shot is a story in of itself. I could write a story about this Rose just by tuning into what She says to me. I am thrilled you enjoyed Her as much as I! Love, Amy


  1. Amy, I’ve been thinking of you! I didn’t comment but was well aware of the snow that inundated your area and how scary, overwhelming, and exhausting it was. Glad to see you back to posting beautiful flowers!


  2. Beautiful! And the verse is spot on as well. As for the flower, I sooo want to touch it! The softness of the bloom is as your heart my dear friend. Blessings and Love to you Amy!


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