I Lived Through A Miracle (6 Images)

Friends, as I write this, I am fighting severe exhaustion. Yet, I am alive and well along with my family. What all of us here in Lancaster, NY have witnessed, is a Miracle. The tons of snow that was dumped on us in 2 days, was predicted to cause massive flooding. It did not. Because we experienced a slow thaw, right before our very eyes, the snow just seemed to disappear.

Even the local waters are already receding. I went out this afternoon to get some shots of local creeks, and to be truthful, was disappointed. The “drama” I had expected was not there. That is good news for the residences that live by these creeks, for no flooding happened as was foretold.

We all here are so relieved Winter Storm Knife is over, and we are trying to get back to a normal routine. This may take a few days, for the after toll is one that screams “OH OH OH I am SO weary!”. I hope you enjoy the following photographs. I could have spent more time in the editing room with them to make them more dramatic, but since I am reporting Truth, what you are about to see is what I saw today.

In closing, I thank each and every one of you who prayed for us, who covered us with Energy and Love, who sent us Loving Thoughts. I am deeply deeply grateful to all of you for without you, this Miracle probably would not have happened. Let us all remember this occasion, and keep in Mind that when we come together in the Name Of Love, anything is truly possible. I send you my Love with this post. (((HUGS))) Amy

_MG_1224_edited-1_MG_1232_edited-1_MG_1245_edited-1 _MG_1241_edited-1_MG_1230_edited-1 _MG_1227_edited-1

Photography/ “I Lived Through A Miracle 2014©AmyRose

(Too muddy for tripod to be used. All photos handheld.)


152 thoughts on “I Lived Through A Miracle (6 Images)

  1. So very glad to hear that it’s over, and all will be good once more, just as soon as you get yourselves some well-deserved rest. Take it easy now and get your strength back, and hopefully there will be no more drama this year. God bless.


    1. Bless you for your concern. I really am saying this is a Miracle. Just last night I looked at pics from this storm, and the amount of snow is just unbelievable! It still hasn’t sunk in. And not to have flooding? …. You tell me! (((HUGS))) Amy


  2. I’m very glad that you’re all right. And I commend you for getting out there in the mud to take these shots. 8^) That sort of thing gives Thanksgiving a little fresher feel, doesn’t it?


    1. You bet! I’ve gone through worse then mud to get a good shot. LOL This experience renewed my confidence in myself in hand holding my camera. I was getting “too” dependent on my tripod. Not good. So there came out of this, a Beautiful Blessing!!! Love, Amy

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    1. Thank you, Kathryn. It seems the stress and after toll have caught up with me, and I am just exhausted. I’m trying to answer some comments before I get buried too deep. (smile) Love, Amy


  3. Glad you didn’t receive any flooding but I am sorry to hear you are fatigued. I too have been battling that all year. I wish you well on your journey my sweet sweet soul!!


    1. Oh, Sweetheart, when I don’t blog or close comments, you know something is up. Everyone it seems here is just so out of it. I honestly think it is a combination of the “energies” and the after affect of living through a Natural Disaster. I haven’t seen you around much on WP so you really must not be feeling well. I send you HUGE (((HUGS)) with Much Love, Amy


      1. Head lice hit the girls on my 40th bday and I have been combing nits for hrs on end, laundry and more. Nevermind everything else! Never a dull moment. A lot of energies are floating around, I agree. I think it has been close to two weeks since I had time to chexk my WP reader! Hugs and love and lots of cool and groovy vibes💖


      2. All is GOOD, Lisa, though I am truly sorry about your girls. That is awful! I shudder just at the thought of lice! It has just been so wonderful to interact with you, to talk to you a bit. Stay well, and keep rested and hydrated. This too shall pass. (I have to keep telling myself the same thing!) Love, Amy


      3. Thank you Amy. I went for a therapeutic hair chopping today and feel invigorated! I have a unwanted intimacy with that old term being “nit picky”. (Wink and a smile) Good grief. I hope you are feeling all the love and supportive energy from your blogging community and it is lifting your energy. Sending a big loving virtual hug your way Amy.


      4. Lisa, to say I am amazed, is to put things mildly. My husband said to me last night with tears in his eyes, that this was the best birthday he has ever had. He is blown away by all the outpouring of well wishes for him. This is the first time in my life I have such LOVE in my Life, Lisa, and to say I am cherishing this, is again, putting it mildly!!!! (((HUGS))) Amy


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