IF …

… my husband and I had NOT cleaned off our roofs yesterday, our gutters may have gotten torn off. This morning looking out my eating room door window, I saw our neighbor’s gutter torn off from the weight of the snow and ice. The damage is down to the facia, which means they will now be getting water inside their home.

I am still using my iPad for photography for both convencience, quickness of editing pictures, and for safety reasons. Yesterday I dropped my iPad in the snow, and I have never been more grateful at that moment that I chose my iPad over my Canon to document this storm. I may attempt to drive around today to keep documenting this storm. I am thinking of using my Canon for this purpose.

The temperatures are about 46ºF (8ºC). I have not listened to the news yet and I really don’t want to. The huge dump trunks are still transporting snow from various locations now, and dumping that snow elsewhere. I will try to find out where today, IF I can.

Here is the iPad photo at maximum zoom, so it is not very clear. I added the red arrows to point out the torn gutter that is now hanging by a “river of ice”. Again, IF I am able to I will keep documenting this Winter Storm Knife that has devastated WNY, and where I live in Lancaster, NY. Stay tuned …


iPad Photography/ “IF” 2014©AmyRose