Phase 3 Of Winter Storm Knife (9 iPad Images)

Dear Friends, again I am not able to say how grateful I am for your thoughts and prayers, for your concern and Love, and for all of you who have left comments and/or reblogged my posts regarding Winter Storm Knife to ask for prayer. I am humbly and deeply grateful.

As I have been saying, patience on your end is so appreciated as I slowly make my way through the many comments I have yet to answer. For those of you who are new to Petals, I believe in interaction and communication, all leading to friendships. I do my best to answer comments as soon as I can, but being in this disaster, I have gotten very far behind.

Now for some facts and then more pictures of what my husband and I have done today and what is occurring here around our home. All night and all day going down our street in Lancaster, NY, huge dump trunks have been going back and forth carrying snow from one location and dumping it in another. Now, if I was only a photo journalist I would not hesitate to get into my car and find out both locations to tell you. Again for those of you who really don’t know me yet, I have a very full life besides my blog and photography. If you are curious, you are more then welcome to read my About Page, and My Life Page.

Getting back to my reporting …. My guess regarding these dump trucks is that they are attempting to remove as much snow from around the creek located in Como Park. When that creek floods it is a horrible disaster.

I’ve heard sirens go off all day long. We lost our power for a little while this morning, too long for me, but after a short period, power resumed. It has begun to rain in earnest today, pouring at times. The temperatures have been hovering around 40ºF (10ºC) all day long, and over night they are supposed to rise into the 50’s. Everyone I have spoken to admit their nerves are stretched taunt. The last I heard, 30 more roofs have caved in, and the death total is still to my knowledge, at 13. There is now a flood warning in affect. No surprise there.

When I fed the birds this morning, I looked at the back of our house and alarm immediately resulted. I knew we had to get on a ladder to bring icicles and snow down from off our roofs. Which brings me to the picture part of this post.

This morning I heard a huge noise and saw


massive amounts of snow that fell off one of our roofs. My second alarm for the day went off and so I went to my husband to tell him we must clear off some of our roofs today. This is what we have been doing most of this day.

We both ate breakfast and out we went. This is what the back of the house looked like before we started to clear it ….

imageThe next three photos are of my husband clearing icicles and snow from off two  roofs.



This next photograph is what he finished before he went on break.

imageAs I sat on one of these waiting for him ….

imageI waited and I waited. Oh come on! I knew he was yakking on his cell. So I took matters into my own hands and decided to continue the job. Now, I moved that big ladder all by myself and managed to clear off 1/2 of that roof in the time he yakked. I ran into a problem here. I am the photographer. How was I to snap a pic of me on the ladder doing what my husband did? My answer. I took a photo of the complete job I did and then one of me covered in snow ….

imageimageNow to close this post I don’t have a photograph of the finished job. I was wet, cold, tired, and I had to get inside to comfort my special needs cats, then feed them. I knew the noise we were making outside would upset them. As of this writing, my babies are chilling.

I send all of you my Love with this post, and again a huge thank you for all you have done for me and all who live in Western New York. Bless you!!! Bless you!!

iPad Photography/ “Phase 3 Of Winter Storm Knife” 2014©AmyRose