Approximately 11AM This Morning (9 iPad Images)

The official snow fall in Lancaster, NY due to Winter Storm Knife, is 84″. And the snow is still continuing to fall. Friends, this amount we have received over a 3 day span, is the amount we normally get all Winter long.

People needing life sustaining medications who are running out, are beginning to get them from rescue teams using snow mobiles. More roofs are caving in, and this is only the beginning. So far, no fatalities were associated with the cave ins.

The following photographs were taken while on my walk this morning. I’m just starting at the beginning and working my way through them.

imageimage image image image image image imageThis last photograph is of 3:15PM today, taken out of my kitchen window.

imageiPad Photography/ “Approximately 11AM This Morning” 2014©AmyRose