Reporting Continues From Lancaster, NY

My reporting of this Epic Storm in Lancaster, NY, where I live, continues. This snow storm has lulled today with the sun actually shining. Not for long though, for radar indicates that this storm is about to turn around and dump at least 2 more feet of snow on top of the 50+ inches of snow we already have. It is worse then bad here. The National Guard has been called in as of yesterday to help clear out this snow, but no one knows quite what to do with it all, and that is not including what is about to come. I have been saying in the comments, never have I ever seen anything like this, and that includes the Blizzard of ’77.

People are trying to dig out today. Some are not able to because the snow is just too high. I have photographs coming of my neighbors on either side of me that you will not believe your eyes when you see them. I have photographs coming of a huge CAT dozer on our street digging through the snow and trying to get abandoned cars on the roads dug out.

I also want to convey my deepest gratitude for everyone’s concern. I am so touched that so many are praying for us and for those who live here. For those of you who really don’t understand, yes this snow is spectacular to see, but it is dangerous and it is deadly. My family is safe and warm, and yes we have plenty of food to get us through this. My husband the last I heard is planning on helping our neighbors dig out whose snow blowers are unable to get through the snow. Folks, I am talking snow as high as my chest, in some places as high as my shoulders, and I am 5’6″.

So, I begin my series of photographs today with a picture of me standing in front of a Lilac Bush that is entirely covered in snow and that mound of snow, my friends, stands OVER my head. And no, it is not your imagination. I am seriously exhausted as my eyes will show. The other two photos are shots of the snow on our roofs. Pray that roofs do not cave in, which is a very real probability. I am turning comments off from here until this emergency is over. I must be present in “real life” right now.

I would so appreciate it if those of you who have FB and Twitter, to please share these photographs so that people can pray and or help us. I cannot stress enough how bad it is here. Thank you from the bottom of my Heart.

[I don’t know how I manage it but anytime I wear this hat, the heart on it is always crooked. What’s up with that? (smile)]

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iPad Photography/ “Reporting Continues from Lancaster, NY” 2014©AmyRose