Pt. 2 of 3 … My Neighbors (8 iPad Images)

This is the second post of a total of three for my snow storm disaster series for this day.

The following photographs are of my neighbors’ home and property. The one West of our property is where the barn is in which live 4 barn cats that I take care of and Love. I finally did make it over there today, but only because our neighbor dug through chest high snow, with a shovel, to make a small path leading to the street. He cannot get his snow blower to work in a wall of snow about 5 feet high. At this point he doesn’t know how to get his driveway cleared, hoping that one of our neighbors with a back hoe will come over to dig him out.

The same goes for our other neighbor to the East of us who doesn’t know how he is going to manage to get through the wall of snow in his driveway. This man just had open heart surgery last year and he is out there, very red in the face (as you will see) from exertion. When I spoke to him, he hopes the neighbor with the back hoe will help him.

It is going on 2:30 EST and the winds have begun to pick up with clouds moving in. The storm has begun to move back in as if a huge hand is willing it to come back to an already overburdened area to once more dump huge quantities of snow. Again, I ask any of you who have FB and Tweet, to promote this post along with the next one coming soon. People really need to know how serious this storm has turned out to be, and that it is not over yet.

I thank all of you so very much for your prayers, thoughts, Love, and Light. I refuse to bend my knee to fear. I stand on the premise that we are protected by the Source of Love as are ALL who live in this area of devastation. Seeing is believing. These next photos will say it all.


This is the path, single file, to the barn that I used this morning, to feed the barn cats. Thank you, my neighbor, for doing this incredibly hard work, shoveling your way through this wall of snow. I pray you get help soon to dig this 5 foot wall of snow out of your driveway.


imageTee Tee, one of 4 barn cats I Love and care for.

imageOur neighbor West of us. (The ones who own the barn.)

image image imageOur neighbor East of us.

image imageiPad Photography/ “Pt. 2 of 3 .. My Neighbors” 2014©AmyRose

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