The Way

26 thoughts on “The Way

    1. Dan, my other post did not come up in the reader so I had to delete it and do the entire thing over in under 2 minutes. Whew! It is snowing and cold here, and this pic was taken just a few days ago, last week. I’m glad it touched you. I’ll be over to see you in a bit. It’s been one of those days …. the marathon. Whew! Love, Amy


  1. It’s beautiful Amy. We got a sprinkle of snow in Kentucky, about an inch, but that’s an inch too much for me. Your Autumn colors are so beautiful and refreshing. Ours are long gone, so it is wonderful to see yours still there. A lovely scene, and much appreciated during this first week of my hibernation. Kentucky love coming your way. Angie


  2. Indeed my friend…the way is ALWAYS there…waiting for the steps to be taken…in faith, in trust, in love. Peace


  3. wonderful words and pic – and thinking of you this week – I know the snow is coming in – we have some family here from Buffalo – they are on their way down to FL – and well, we have been watching the Buffalo weather and looks like ya’ll will be measuring in “feet” not inches – but as we both know – people in Buffalo know snow and do well. But do stay warm and safe 🙂


  4. Amy I saw on the BBC how the snow storm had taken hold, I just logged on and worked my way down through the whole of your pictures, No need to reply back, as I know you both will have your work cut out for you with the snow..
    Who would think in a matter of hours how different your landscape would turn from golden to white…
    Will now work my way back through your posts as you posted them.. xxx Sending thoughts your way xxx Love Sue xxx

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