Brighter Then Sunshine

54 thoughts on “Brighter Then Sunshine

  1. Awesome photo…beautiful verse and I have a feeling so many people are thinking those same words about you. 🙂 Truly you are a bright and shining light in my life my dear friend. Much love to you. ~Matthew

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      1. And I thank you for yours Amy. You continue to touch my life in beautiful healing ways and I am grateful to have this space to come to for a touch of healing calm. Blessings and Peace. ~M


  2. It is such a warm thing to say to anyone special in your life, accompanied by such a bright and warm colored mum! I heard someone remark in a comment you had a hard week, so sorry for this, Amy. Take care!


    1. Yes, I have, Robin. Someone coined it “the school of hard knocks.” I’ll be OK, and I truly do thank you for your concern. I have lots of pretty images coming this week, after spending hours editing them. May your week be a good one, just in case you get tied up unable to get back here. (((HUGS))) Amy


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