Heart Centered

51 thoughts on “Heart Centered

    1. Oops. Good think I scrolled down to make sure I answered all comments. I missed you, Ame. How did I do that? Thank YOU for your constant presence in my Life, always supporting me. You mean so much to me, my friend. Love, Amy


    1. Dan, this is actually a creek that runs through a park that is close by. I stepped into magic, the lighting just perfect and how I am editing I am bringing a dreamlike quality to the images. Thank you for commenting, my friend. It means a lot to me. Love, Amy

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  1. oh lady rose-ski- your words are always in sync with your images – and this one I felt the peace before I read your words – and then I read this:

    “to get through the rough times
    with a Peace Filled Mind.”

    and it really was in extra sync – like the darker light in the foreground and all that hope and life in the light – with a path like feel to the winding creek bed – so nice. ❤


    1. Yvette, your comments at times just blow me away. They are so insightful and so thoughtful. You are a True Blessing in my Life, for you have eyes that SEE, very much as mine do. When I stood before this magical place, my Heart became still as all around me did as well. The lighting was just perfect and when I shot this the setting sun was shining on certain areas, the exact ones that I wanted highlighted. I stumbled upon this, as I drove my car slowly throuhg a park that is very near me, and when I saw the bright orange colors beckoning me, I stopped the car. I sure found Treasure. Mother reached out and embraced me to bring me Peace to my Heart. I came away from this scene refreshed and renewed. I am SO glad that this magic touched you as well. With Love, Amy


      1. Amy… no no no… Please.. Honour is meaning I am in some way above..or in some ways grand to say the least… LOL… We do what we can when we can.. And I am loving my time spent with you.. xx Sue xxx


    1. Thank you, DellaAnna. More from this magical place are coming, tomorrow and next week. 🙂 I also just came from there today to regain my Peace. Snapped a few images with my iPad …. first SNOW. (((HUGS))) Amy


  2. I in fact do this very thing. I separate my mind from my rotten heart!. Just a sec. I’ll try to say it like you did: ‘When I remain self centered, I have the senility to get through sewage pipes, with a piece of me filled with Diphtheria!’ Awe damn it all to Sodom and Gomorrah! I’ll keep working on it…


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