Bleak To Hope

36 thoughts on “Bleak To Hope”

  1. Heartfelt condolences and prayers for those that are hurting. May precious memories and abundant love sustain them when all seems dark and may they forever know that the love is forever a part of them. And may you Amy, continue to shine your beacon of love for all those who are faced with the storms of darkness. Respectfully, ~Matthew

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    1. My Dearest Friend, I am not answering these comments. They should be read by you and Maryrose and answered if you are up to it. It’s going to be OK, Mor. Little by little. Hang on to HOPE with all you’ve got, even on the days you can not see it, nor feel it. Just KNOW it is there, just like this pink rose, that is clinging to LIFE when all around Her is preparing for the deep chill of Winter. I LOVE YOU. xx Amy

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  2. Dear Amy your thoughts for your friends, One whom has become mine.. Maryrose, I also send out thoughts and prayers.. No one is ever prepared for loss, especially when it snatches our loved ones away unexpectedly..
    Bless your heart Amy.. xxx Love Sue

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    1. Shrimp, you are getting the waters going in my eyes. Geeze. Wow. You just really touched me deeply. I Love you too. I don’t have those fancy gizmos anymore cause I am not on my iPad anymore. My iPad won’t stay online so now I am using my laptop. I wish I had some tunas and roses to send you!! Love, MB

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      1. What I have seen apple do is really wrong. All the updates they sent ruined my iPad. Now I only use it to edit my photos and to use as a camera. Thanks for being in my Life, Shrimp!!! (((HUGS))) Amy

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      2. I’m glad you told her, Shrimp. Good! If she wants a tablet tell her to check Samsung’s tablet out. It is KEWL! I have enough toys …. I will not be selfish. I am askin’ Santa for a bathrobe instead of a tablet. I just said enough, no more, I really have SO much to be grateful fur. And don’t get me wrong, a terry cloth bathrobe is up there to havin’ fur. YUMMY!!! MOL

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      3. I’ve been thinkin’. Not sure what OS this runs …. just lettin’ you know I didn’t look totally into it cause I am not gettin’ one. But what I did see, way KEWL!


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