The Scene is Set

52 thoughts on “The Scene is Set

      1. Thank YOU, Celia, for I too feel warmth from this photo. I see the beauty of it, and the way a processed it, I wanted to bring out the soft quality of this image. It was quite a moment as I stood there looking out over what my eyes were seeing. I honestly don’t see the desolation and I am SO glad you don’t either. It does speak Fall, the ending of it, and in such a way as fading gently. BIG (((HUGS))) Amy


    1. I just stood to enjoy everything around me after I was finished with the shoot, and so that is when I decided to get my iPad out, which I brought with me. LOL Of course I added MOOD to the pic …. LOVE doing that!!! Thank you, Amy. (((HUGS))) Amy


      1. Oh, Amy, you make me laugh. Really laugh. I have come to realize I would rather take macro in manual mode, how about that? You ought to take the leap and try it. Check it out and see what you are missing! LOL Love, Amy


    1. I do plan on doing just that, Morgan, and other places in this same area. I am SO fortunate … I live right in front of this park so I do not have to go far to bring to you gorgeousness. BIG (((HUGS))) and I LOVE YOU. Amy

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    1. It is also the way I edited it to look like this. It was actually a bit warmer when I took this pic, but still, there is a bleakness that says yes, oh yes, Winter is on the way. Thank you for the reblog, Jonathan!!!! (((HUGS))) Amy

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