The Prince Of Snooze

75 thoughts on “The Prince Of Snooze

      1. Rusty is also my shower buddy. Well, he cries and he moans and he gets all upset that I am getting wet. See? You are right. According to Rusty I should groom myself like he does and stop getting wet. LOL Love, Amy


    1. I could NOT pass this one up, Mark. I saw this and I quietly tiptoed/ran to get my iPad. He moved a couple of times as I shot, and I just purrayed he would keep this pose. Just too cute! Hope you are having a good day! Love, Amy


  1. Oh, absolutely love Rusty. You promised a picture was coming and so glad to see it. I remember well what Rusty went through and the steepness nights you both had. What a miracle! He looks like a expert sleeper 🙂

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    1. Plus he is getting chubby! When he was SO ill, he was SO thin. Now? He is eating to make up for that and then some! This is more or less what I look like when I fall into bed oblivious! Tee hee …… (((HUGS))) Amy

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      1. Um, Holly, these guys have a way of doing just that. Some days I ask how dumb am I that cats rule me? LOL Yet I wouldn’t have a life without them in it! Yep, I am caught, hook, line and sinker. LOL (((HUGS))) Amy


      1. Yes, Mor, and if you looked at his rear left paw you would see the third toe is missing. It actually fell off during the process of healing, little by little. That poor little guy went through SO much, and you bet I kept him drugged up as best I could. Mega pain yet, yet, look at him now. I am SO glad hubs and I worked so hard to save his leg. I am ever so grateful for our knowledge both in Homepathy and me with hands on treatments to heal. (((HUGS))) Amy

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