Eyes That See

60 thoughts on “Eyes That See”

      1. My Mother always used to say: “Only when the Beautiful Spirit Abides Within does the Heart, Mind and Sight SEE Beauty”

        I think I should create a post for that…I think its amazing :)(and I can say that because I didn’t say it LOL)


      2. OH Morgan! You really need to make a post for your Mom. She would really enjoy that! I’m positive she is with you right now. (((HUGS))) Amy PS I have a post coming for you and Maryrose …. Weds, I think.

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      3. Morgan, IF I don’t see the post for your Mom’s quote, please come over here and just let me know. I really want to see it. Hopefully tomorrow I will have the post up for you. It is made, I just have to add your name and link to it, and Maryrose’s name and link as well. I will do that today. 🙂 Love, Amy


    1. You are medicine for the Soul, my friend. I too just LOVE this one, and yes I was awed in spades! HA! Now you are growing eyes like me. KEWL! You are such a talented woman and OH OH OH I cannot wait to see your new creations. (((HUGS))) Amy


      1. Things are calming down here too. Whew! What a whirlwind lately. At least today there is a calm about. The sun is shining and I plan on going for a walk, with perhaps my iPad in tow. 🙂 (((HUGS))) Amy

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  1. So true Amy…what a blessing we are given too. With eyes open, the beauty is there, with hearts open, the beauty takes on a life beyond just “seeing”. May beauty always surround your heart and may the love you share be returned in abundance. A treasured soul you are my friend. Much love, ~Matthew


    1. Oh, Matthew, the Blessing you put upon me, brings tears to my eyes. I am Blessed beyond Measure. I just photographed flowers today that are still flowering! AND I saw bees! This is November and flowers do NOT flower at this time of year. Bright yellows and oranges. God is smiling and is Happy that Mother is so alive in my gardens. (((HUGS))) Amy

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    1. LOL I honestly don’t know how some of you keep up with my posts. I am doing about 6 per week now. LOL Sometimes I have trouble keeping up with me. Hehehehehe Yet I LOVE what I do!!! Hope your weekend is a good one, Tiny!!! Love, Amy


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