Moment of Peace

24 thoughts on “Moment of Peace”

  1. As I thought, I haven’t been getting your posts because you were erased from my Reader. I thought you took time off but now I see you were ‘unfollowed.” Well, I’m following you again and looking forward to your posts:) This happens ALL the time and I don’t know why. People are just taken off my reader. Other people have the same problem. I never know who is missing. Oh well.


    1. Gigi, I have had SO many issues with WP lately that if I started to um complain, I’d be here for a LONG time. I get unfollowed as well. If I don’t catch it, I don’t usually notice. Thank you for following me again. You are the second person who said they thought I took time off …. nope, I’ve been here, refusing to give up even when hit about a few dozen times. I’m still standing, perhaps weaving at times, but still up. 🙂 (((HUGS))) Amy


  2. I loved this! So calming and soothing for the soul, spirit and total BEing! Moments of peace turn into a lifetime of peace….even when it seems so far away! Many blessings to you my cherished friend and much love and light! ~Matthew

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