Back To Our Own Hearts

74 thoughts on “Back To Our Own Hearts

  1. This- “From out of chaos order arises…” is what I am trusting in…and you my friend have worded it perfectly. As always, another beautiful post! I love the curl in the leaf of this shot…holding on gently to that which gives it life…;) Awesome! Much love to you my dear friend. ~Matthew


    1. Unfortunately, Susie, Life has become so fast paced that the mini vacations are few and far between. I make them happen though. When I get to a point I am so bleary eyed, I stop. Watch a movie. Take a nap. Even a walk in Nature is too much sometimes so I just chill. Hope all is well your way and hubby is adjusting to his new job. 🙂 Love, Amy


      1. Harry starts next week on the new job. I think they are happy to have found him.

        I like to lie down on the recliner and listen to music. Best vacation I can think of.


      2. Thank you, Amester! He goes for drug testing tomorrow. They told him not to drink copious amounts of water before he goes…bless his heart he had no idea why.


      3. Aww…thank you so much! I’ve been putting my electronic life back together after it was hacked and I finally got the printer to work today. At last. So I have sympathy with your project. 😀


  2. This is so true and it is so easy to get caught up in all of the drama life brings by.
    Beautiful photo-colors so calming and peaceful.


    1. Kathy, I am happy these words and the image touched you. They sure touched me, bringing ME Hope. May you have a good day today! I am going to try to finish putting the rest of my bulbs in that I have. I don’t know if I will do it. There are still a lot of bulbs left. I was a little bit of a piggy and OH did I get bulbs! Hehehehehe Love, Amy

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      1. 🙂
        a very good question!
        as usual your post is beautiful x
        and perfect.
        and of course you are absolutely right.

        i guess to answer… i am going to have to say…
        that of course, love; joy; life; being, the most powerful force in the universe is therefore… the most terrifying 😉

        go on… drag me back to my future 🙂
        love, love, love, your hugs


      2. Ah, my Friend, I now understand. When we confidently stay in the NOW, by Walking Every Moment by Guidance of Heart, and also have FAITH that the Future will take care of itself, then we can Live in Peace with Love, Truth and in JOY. Yes? Love YOU!!! (((HUGS))) Amy


    1. I LOVE YOU TOO, Shrimp. I can’t get to you this way through my notifications. Only through my “old” reader. Please be patient until I can get on my new laptop and I will be over with bells on to see YOU all the time!! I promise! Love, Mom BonZo

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      1. Just a couple more days, Shrimp, and this nightmare due to technology (Apple HISS) is over. I don’t understand how others are NOT having probls like I am who have Apple. I just won’t buy another iPad … that’s probably the prob right there. DARN THEM!

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  3. Time out for me is a must.. to be with one’s self and thoughts and absorb your own inner peace to reflect.. So that you can come back refreshed with a Zing! in your step.. We must always connect back to our own hearts Amy…
    Great thoughts and lovely capture xx

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