Along Comes a Boy

Along comes a boy who won’t listen
who always thinks he knows the lesson.
His ears become deaf
to help plenty enough …
And so to this day
his growth barely seen
’cause his feet are rooted in clay.
What could have been bright
is only faded with blight
a blight that could have been so bright.
(Your actions and thoughts are the sum of your 3D reality.
Yet, in Spirit your Light shines flawlessy.)

Photography/ “Along Comes a Boy” 2014©AmyRose

27 thoughts on “Along Comes a Boy

    1. Yes, but, is it not the condition of most of this world? This “story” is an “example” of the mess this world is in. I think I might take this one down. The meaning is unclear. Love, Amy


      1. Obviously, if you read my writing, even though I am often humorous, I always acknowledge that there is a darker side, so I certainly don’t mind when another blogger shows that side of themselves. I’m sorry if I didn’t quite get the meaning but I thought it was a great blog.


      2. Marissa, I was extremely tired when I answered you last night. As is obvious by my answer, I still have confidence issues when I post something that is not easy to embrace. Yes, the Truth hurts sometimes, yet if we all went around with our heads in the sands, nothing would improve, now would it? This post actually came about from observing someone who truly represents too many people. The flower I used is very bright, which represents what everyone’s light truly is in Spirit, and which also could be in 3D if they would just be open to learning what they came here to learn to shed the dross. My Mind runs deep and it is at a time like this, and some of my recent posts that I am showing how deep It is. With Love, Amy


    1. You have put motivation back in my Heart, and for this I really do thank you. I felt in my Heart it was important to post, for it represents the majority of this world. Then doubt snuck in and I almost took it down. No I won’t thanks to YOU! I really am appreciative of your kindess and your encouragement. Bless you! Love, Amy

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  1. Amy, please keep it here. It is so authentic and shows you heart expressing itself with your words. It is one that I will come back to.
    We can deal with blight and clay in the garden, it isn’t so easy to bring this to the world…. but the more of us who try, the better chance there is to bring about change.
    Val x


    1. I am keeping it here, Val. And I really do thank you for your kindness and encouragement to me. This truth is needed to be heard, though not easy to hear, it still is nontheless, important. I too work with the clay, my friend, also blight. It is those of us determined to change this world into Love that will bring about that very change. (((HUGS))) Amy

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    1. Amy, I do not expect you to see every post I put on Petals. I don’t think I see all of yours because there are days I take off. I totally understand …. really! You are being too hard on yourself. Please don’t. (((HUGS))) Amy


  2. This one is awesome…both the beautiful flower and the words. Profound and such a sad truth for many in this world. But the awesome thing is that there are many, such as yourself that knows deep within a change can be and must be made. Love is a beautiful foundation to build on…and what better way to build than with the hands that gently mold each word. (Gosh I hope that made sense) ~Matthew


    1. It made perfect sense, Matthew. Thank you for understanding that my words represent the status of the majority of this world. The first step to healing is acknowledgment, so if we can take the blinders off and in truth, embrace this Truth, then there you go … a little bit closer to Love. With much Love, Amy

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