The Cat in the Stack (2 iPad Images)

Every time I must vacuum our living room rug, I must first remove all the afghans, pads, toys, and whatever, that are laying on the rug in order for me to vacuum at all. I end up just throwing things on one of our couches, and when finished, turn the vacuum cleaner on so I can vacuum that rug.

Well, the day that this post came about, when I went to replace all that I had thrown on the couch, this is what happened:

The cat in the stack was black …
blending in so perfectly well
no one could even tell.
    Mom squealed in surprise
when she did realize
that the stack was just not a stack
but had hidden in it a black cat.

iPad Photography/ Writing / “The Cat in the Stack” 2014©AmyRose

[Rocky had climbed up on the couch and crawled in between two afghans while I was vacuuming. At first I really did not see him. He was playing “possum”. He honestly gave me a “start”.]

57 thoughts on “The Cat in the Stack (2 iPad Images)

      1. Stealing bath towels when I am soaking wet, playing with the water in the toilet bowl (clean) and watching it when it is flushed, biting my toes while I am making a bathroom run in the middle of the night …. you know …. the norm. LOL Hehehehehehehe He is doing WONDERFUL! Thank you for asking! How is George doing? (((HUGS))) Amy


      2. Oh that makes me smile to know he is doing so well. Bless his little heart.

        George is doing well. He’s eating his grain-free food and loves having the apple cider vinegar. And he sleeps on my feet. A lovely friend. Thank you for asking about him.


  1. This is funny. Last week, my wife washed the pillow cases and blankets that we use to cover the couch in our family room. She didn’t have time to put everything back but she piled them at the end of the couch. An hour later, she returned to see our smallest cat on top of the pile. Cats can always find the comfy spot. Great pictures!


    1. Thank you, Dan, and I am glad you found this humorous. And to top it off, Rocky stayed there until I was finished with my photos. My Sassy has a way of crawling into a load of laundry in a basket that I bring up from the basement, warm from the dryer. Yes, those cats do get into the darnedest places. LOL Love, Amy


    1. LOL Thank you, Amy!!! Rocky complied by allowing me to photograph him. I was amazed! When done, he immediately jumped down as if saying “That’s enough, Mom!” Tee hee ….. Love, Amy


      1. Well, I made a great first impression cause I commented right under you. Hehehehehehe I don’t know exactly what all is going on, but I’ll catch on I am sure. Thanks again, Laura!!! Have a great night. Love, Amy

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  2. This is just too adorable! Love your poem. And thanks for the link. I don’t know how I missed this one! Rocky looks a lot like my Inky but then I think you’ve mentioned that before! They can be so entertaining without trying! 😀 Many hugs and I wish you a very happy weekend! ❤


    1. Linda, between LIFE and blogging, it is not hard whatsoever to miss something on WP. 🙂 I knew you would enjoy this so I made sure you saw it. Rocky is a trip and a half yet sometimes I would just love to wring his tail for being so naughty. Just like kids. Hehehehehe And that IS the truth!! May you have a great weekend too, my friend. Love, Amy


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