What Was Lost

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      1. That’s the blessing and curse from living this long in a very confusing and complex world with peoples of sooooooooo many cultures, experiences and attitudes/personalities. It’s like a smorgasboard/buffet. You pick out what touches you and share it hoping that the same words will touch and teach someone else. 50/50 chance, why not take it. I can feel the emotions behind peoples’ words, their art and their expressions. Even if I know it may trigger hidden emotions for some, for others, it’s exactly what they need to hear. I’ll err on the side of sharing life experiences so that more may learn without having to actually make all the bad or less than best decisions I and my Friends/Family did. Why must people strive to Reinvent the Wheel, instead of learning from the lessons from us who have already beaten our collective heads against the Wall of Life?


      2. Hmmmmm ….. Interesting, George. I just wrote something about a boy who would not listen …. I do believe you have pointed me in the direction as to which post to put up next. It is a “moral” story, one that might have some asking, what is she talking about? I love how this exchange of ideas puts to light something that is simmering to bring it to Life. How much better this world would be if the “elders” were again respected and listened to. Life Experience does speak for itself. The stupidity of the world’s attitude that “elders” are of of no use is a tragedy. I read something once that made so much sense that went something like this: Leave the child baring to the young women and leave the child rearing to the older women. That one has stuck with me, for I see so many “kids” having kids … it’s no wonder this world is so messed up. Anways … hope you had a great weekend. 🙂

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      3. Many cultures instill that in their young, not a bad idea, why do you think so many Asian cultures detest Western ways, lack of child raising and children raising children recipe for failure. I had no illegitimate children, nor any in my Clan. It had to stop somewhere and restart importance of Family and Respect for your Elders.


      4. Aw, George, you are such a great guy. Your children will bring a refreshening to this tired earth by bringing with them the knowledge how important the Wisdom of Elders is. So many older people are pushed away in nursing homes, shunned, rejected, and it is such a great travesty. Since I myself am more then 50 years, I see now the difference how I am treated by youth. Disdain, disrespect, looked at as if I were of no importance whatsoever. This country is in huge trouble, for these youth are so far from reality, so far from what is important in life. I do understand why the East does not like America due to our arrogance and superior attitude, which boils down to stupidity. I’ve SEEN this, and I have reared back screaming to self, this is so wrong! So I have taken it upon myself to be a speaker of Truth and I make darn sure I share my Wisdom on Petals. This world may shun me, but by God, I will not be shut up, I will not be ignored but rather I will be heard loud and clear to my very last breath. This country needs people like us so desperately, yet it is these very people that this country hurts. Bless you from the bottom of my Heart for teaching your children right. I have tears in my eyes. Bless you!!!

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      5. I have an old buddy from Nam, mid 70s, that’s in a home right now because he got sick after wife died. He has no other family, so when hospital called, we did what we needed to do. Afterwards moved him to VA, close to us in PA. Now we’re in TN, renovating an apartment for him to move into Spring, if his health continues. He loves my Nieces and Grands, so he’ll have his hands full here.
        My Nieces call him OPA(Grandpa)


  1. Beautiful photo and very meaningful words. 🙂
    This photo is nice focus and nice colors.
    I love this photo that you were concentrating very nervous.
    Dear Amy.


      1. It is nice works.
        Yes this flower is very tiny and is difficult to take photos without any shaking. I know.
        You had done well!! 🙂
        Have a great weekend!!
        My dear Amy. ❤

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      1. And what a tapestry it already has begun to BE. All of our lives represent this Moment as we dare to face the Great Unknown with Hope and with Good Cheer, knowing we shall weave ourselves into the Golden Presence of the One of Us. Lots of colors that glow and flow, and lots of bountiful bursts of BLUE as well. We’ve prepared for this Leap from Cliff, no longer afraid but full of anticipation. OH for the excitement, the thrill, the FUN! It has begun! Horray! Our Train has left the station, and is gaining momentum fast! Horray for US! Tee hee …… OH what FUN! (((HUGS))) Amy


    1. OH, Patty, thank you so very much! I pray all is well your way! I’m still reading your book of poetry. Every so often I pick it up as the need arrives and just open a page. In so doing, what my Heart is looking for is on the page opened before me. Thank you, Patty, for sharing you. Love, Amy

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      1. All is good here my sweet friend! 🙂
        Busy busy busy, but almost time to take a little time off.
        I am so glad to hear that you like my book, it warms my heart!
        Tons of love and hugz ♡

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    1. With Attitude of Positivity and Love all things are only brought together for the Greater Good. I feel renewed, and so much lighter. To see the outpouring of Love to me has been the greatest Gift of all, Sue. I am forever grateful. (((HUGS))) Amy


    1. Yes, Mark, I shall keep looking ahead. I just saw more flowers today that I will shooting. Perfect day for it too. Cloudy. I also have one other nursery in mind, but I don’t know if I will need to go. I just might have enough images to show on Petals and too, I plan on shooting winter this year. So, I will see where my Heart guides me next. (((HUGS))) Amy


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