And So I Play

69 thoughts on “And So I Play

    1. Aw, thank you, Uncle Tree. Just getting to your comment now. I hope to be back up and running SMOOTHLY sometime this week. It’s been a real struggle on my end. I INTEND that is now all behind me. SMILE (((HUGS))) PinkSis

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  1. Oh how stunning this pic is Amy…I was just about to go outside for meditation and quiet time and wanted to finish up on some replies and there you are! You know Amy, your blog is quickly becoming my “go to” place when I need balance and calm and a touch of colour! I am forever grateful for you and your space. May loves light always shine through you and ever guide you along your path. Much love, ~Matthew

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    1. Aw, thank you, Zia! I am expanding, letting go, trusting in myself. Can you imagine where I would be in life IF I had heard those words you said from my mother when I was a child? I’ve waited over 50 years to hear these very words, and you, Zia, have given me a Gift beyond what I can put imto words. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Love, Amy


      1. I am sorry that your mother never said those words to you but I am happy that you have found your way past that. You are not only talented but strong as well…..I am happy to be here to witness it! Your recent post Presents for my Friends….the 1st image…I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!! You are an inspiration! 🙂


      2. You have brought tears of happiness to my eyes this morning, Zia. Bless your Heart! I am going to be posting two posts today, one where comments will be open. In order to catch up I must do what I can in order to get things working smoothly again. Sending you Much Love, Amy


  2. I love what you did with the purple/lilac in the center upper – so nice – and I like what your other reader wrote above – matthew – that was cool


  3. Just what I needed today Amy. I just had the gruesome task of throwing away about 200 pounds of tainted food, possibly more, still leftover from the explosion next door, so feeling so depressed. I need to play now, so your poem is all I needed to give me some hope that it is finally over and i can move on. Lots of love, Angie


    1. I is written in the first person. Me. I played around with a software program I had no idea how to do, and the photo you see is the results. Who do you think “I” was? Interesting question …. Love, Amy


      1. Incredible thought, Aishpandey! I think it is wonderful how all of us think so differently and how we can learn from each other! Thank you for writing back and explaining things to me. Your answer is one I did not expect and I think is beautiful. Love, Amy


    1. LOL I actually used a software program for my iPad. No PS. And yes when I am in PS I do use filters and yes they are addictiing. Hehhehehehehe I am not able to use PS CC because of my operating system. I paid for the Creative Cloud ($9.99 a month) and I am going to call to cancel. I will just use what I have. I am proving that I can still get some pretty good effects with what I do have. LOL Love, Amy


      1. I love the iPad apps..Have you used Pixlr Express? That’s a good one too. I like to mix and match on one image with those apps. Fun stuff! Oh yeah if you can’t run PSCC then no need to pay the $9.99/month that’s for sure. Hopefully they won’t try to say you’re locked in for a year and that there’s an early cancellation fee. Don’t be surprised.


      2. No, I haven’t and I really thank you. My turn. Have you tried BeFunky? That is a LOT of fun too. LOL And if I am locked into Creative Cloud, I still have Lightroom5 on my iPad that I couldn’t have on my laptop. They don’t have CC for my iPad, but I do have two other PS programs on my iPad that I do use, that are pretty darn good. I’m going to play this one by ear, Amy. I should have checked the requirements before I paid for the Cloud. Eager beaver syndrome. LOL (((HUGS))) Amy


      3. BeFunky? How cute! No I haven’t. I don’t take too many images with the phone/ipad but I’ll download it to have in case. There are those times…….. And yeah you know how Adobe can be. Call and see and then let me know what they said.


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