More Autumn (5 IMAGES)

My photographs of documenting Autumn continue. I had stated in a few posts ago, that twilight lasts only seconds at this time of year. I found this out to be oh so true last evening when I realized I needed a lens that was in the trunk of my car, but I had absolutely NO time to get it, put it on my camera body, and then shoot with it. On my camera body I had my 70-300mm lens and in the trunk of my car was my 17-55mm lens which would have been SO perfect for the sunset I was recording.

Perhaps I shall return this evening where I was last evening, with my 17-55mm on my camera ready and waiting. Oh, wait, I have Yoga tonight! Darn! (Those photos that I already to have, will be coming. Plan on getting your socks rocked!)

Anyway, getting back to what I was saying … I thought by using shade from trees in the hour to one hour and a half before sunset I could mimic a twilight effect in my photos. That is exactly what I did. So enjoy what you are about to see, especially those who live in parts of the world who do not see the changing leaves. Comments are closed on this post. ENJOY!


And, last but far from least one of my Roses. (smile)


Photography/ “More Autumn” 2014©AmyRose