Don’t Drive and Tree Drool (6 IMAGES)

And here you thought you wouldn’t be seeing me. (smile) I have only stepped away from blogging. I am doing what I LOVE, immersed in the World of Photography and then sharing with you!

Yesterday while running some errands, my eyes were anywhere but the road, being pulled first this way and then that way, oohing and ahhing at the incredible beauty displayed in every direction. I made sure I was driving in the right hand lane, going slow, yet many a time, I scolded myself. Keep your eyes on the road! Don’t drive and tree drool, Amy! Yet, I just couldn’t help myself! (smile)

I was even saying out loud, ” OH! What a shot that would be!”, as my mind conjured up how I would take what I saw, then my head whipped around and my eyes feasted some more, with me bemoaning the fact, the sun was shining (light was far too harsh) and I did not have my camera. I had to constantly remind myself to drive safely! It’s dangerous tree drooling and driving at the same time!

For the rest of the day, I worked with my husband reseeding our front lawn. I kept eyeing the sun, ready to fly when the sun was FINALLY low enough for me to start shooting. It is not possible for me to get all the glory displayed around me, believe me! I was rewarded for my patience and my hard work, because around 6pm, I gathered all my camera equipment and went over to the park that is behind us.

Oh, yes, I got some beauties. I stepped into that magic light, called twilight and my Soul came HOME and sighed, OH YES, how I have needed this! Please enjoy the colors displayed by Mother, as this humble photographer has been allowed to show you. I have another busy day planned today but I will carry you with me in my Heart wherever I am!!! Enjoy! I Love you, (((HUGS))) Amy


(Of course I had to show you one of my Roses.)


Photography/ “Don’t Drive and Tree Drool” 2014©AmyRose

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