Glorious Gems and Geometric Bokeh (8 Macros)

For the first time this year, I have Roses that are blooming. So of course I just had to take their pictures to show you!

I’ve also become very aware of the bokeh (background) while I am composing the image I am shooting. I’ve come to think of it as completing a painting on a canvas, and I’ve also coined it “geometric bokeh”.

The following photos are of 4 Rose bushes that have not flowered until recently. I will name them as I go along showing you their Glory. One pink Rose I lost the tag so I do not remember Her name. She was my avatar last year, so I will call her Pink Avatar.

And so I present to you, what is NOW in my gardens. Do enjoy, and pay attention to the background as well as the main focus, my Rose that I am presenting to you. I will explain as I go along.

Up first is, Pink Avatar Rose. I have two pictures of Her, one Rose in full bloom and another in a bud. There really is nothing too special about the bokeh in the first photograph except perhaps the soft lighting. The second photograph I love the curve of the leave I caught in the image. She is just so graceful.

_MG_8111_3226 _MG_8104_3220

The next Rose I have just one photo of. Her name is Walking On Sunshine and She right now is just in bud form. Nothing here (I think) that is too different from what you have been used to seeing from me. I am crossing all fingers and toes She decides to open. I don’t know that at this point in time.


My next Rose I am presenting three photos to you. They have some amazing bokeh and one is very very different from my normal style. I was undecided to show that one or not, and I actually had to ask my husband if he thought it was good. My “eye” is used to seeing a certain style from me, and because I am pushing out of my comfort zone, I honestly wasn’t sure about the AmyRose quality of this photo. I will point that photo out to you when you get there. This Rose’s name is Queen Elizabeth.

This photo was taken late afternoon. I really love the soft bubbles of light all around Her with one big white “cloud”.


This photo was taken a few hours later. This is the photograph I asked my husband if it was any good to post.


And the last photo of Queen Elizabeth is a treasure. I captured the setting sun behind Her. Notice how She has closed up for the coming night. And also notice how the color changed due to the different lighting. I know I set the White Balance manually to shadow, but still, because of the light in the background, the color of the Rose changed. See how sensitive my sensor is?


The last Rose is called Memorial Day. I have two photos of Her, and in both the bokeh is very different from my usual style. Here is the first one.


And last but not least, is Memorial Day taking a bow to all of you! Again, the bokeh is very different from my normal style and it is very plain to see, I have begun to branch out, learning as I go.


I hope you enjoyed my Roses, my Glorious Gems in my gardens right now! Please let me know what YOU think about my new style and the more noticeable bokeh I am using to complete my Creative Canvas. With Love and (((HUGS))) Amy

Photography/ “Glorious Gems and Geometric Bokeh” 2014©AmyRose

77 thoughts on “Glorious Gems and Geometric Bokeh (8 Macros)

  1. These are all great photos. The flowers are beautiful (and you get credit for that too). Of course, ‘walking on sunshine” is now stuck in my head “…and don’t it feel good…” Enjoy Friday and have a great weekend Amy.


    1. Exactly, Marissa! I have come to see it as a painting, a canvas, and it depends on which angle I point my camera and what f/stop I use, all that depends on my painting. Isn’t that cool???? LOL Have a wonderful weekend! And I feel top of the world for showing YOU something you normally do not see. I think you will see photographs differently from now on. GRIN! Love, Amy


      1. Now you have a wee taste of how much I myself still am learning. Marissa, every time I turn around there is a new editing program …. not tempted so I bypass. I don’t even know my own software program in and out yet. Then there is technique on how to take an image. There are endless combinations you can choose from to take just ONE photograph. It’s mind blowing. And it keeps me fascinated because of the fact I am always learning and improving. I looked back on Petals when I first began, and my jaw dropped. I have improved vastly in just ONE year, so I can only imagine how much further I can go in another year. I amaze myself, and I am not joking. I push myself out of my comfort zone time and time again and THAT is where NEW is created. I was scared, yes scared, to even try macro, because I had never done it before. When I got my lens, I didn’t use it for a while, because of fear. And look at what I am creating with it now, Marissa. Honestly, this photography has me so wrapped up just wanting more. Wow. YOU got an earful from me. LOL (((HUGS))) Amy

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      1. I thought you made them up – ha! and thanks for the hugs amiga – I am really really glad our bloggin’ paths have crossed at this time – so refreshing – ❤


      2. Aw, thank you, Yvette. No, I didn’t make them up, except for Pink Avatar. LOL I too am glad our bloggin paths have crossed. You as well are a breath of fresh air!!!! (((HUGS))) Amy


  2. Wow, so beautiful and so glad that they bloomed!! I like the new style and I think that with the background the way you took the picture that it made the rose pop out more. Such a beautiful garden xoxo ♥ Amy ♥


  3. OMG! These glorious roses from your garden, WOW! They are exquisite, Amy!!! Love all of them, I really, really do.
    Btw, had a crazy morning, until now. (((HUGS))) Amy


    1. Crazy has been in the air or something, Amy. Whew! Yes these are from my gardens. Memorial Day and Queen Elizabeth are right in front of my living room window and OH how I just drool over them as much as I can. They are just so gorgeous!!!! BIG (((HUGS))) coming your way sprinkled with LOVE, Amy


    1. I’m not sure what you mean, Vadana, but I have a post coming that I think will explain what is happening. Just know I am well and doing what I must for me right now. Bless you for asking! (((HUGS))) Amy


      1. Yes, that is true. I wasn’t feeling well. That was my body’s way of telling me I have been over doing it. I am actually resting today with a good book. Thank you for caring, and thank you again for all the information you sent me. That link is on my desktop! I will do my best to follow your directions!!! Love, Amy


  4. Smart and pretty, Amy! 🙂 You’re on the right track, if you ask me.
    I like macro-photography, but far-sightedness is integral to context.
    Islands of beauty — you bring to us. You are seeing the whole field now.

    Queen Liz is a knockout! A changeling, too. Luvz to you, sis! Keep growing ~


    1. Charlie, I so appreciate people like you. You really don’t know how much. You represent those who encourage me and inspire me to bring to Petals the very best I have. No one has done that ever. You have! I really thank you! (((HUGS))) Amy


  5. I can’t recall you normal style of bokeh, Amy; but that seen above is, without exception, LOVELY. With CUs of flowers, it can be distracting; but yours are never like that. 🙂


    1. Thank you, M-R. I purposely make the bukeh soft NOT harsh and have to judge just how much is just enough. There is a lot to consider when you have your eye in the viewfinder. Much more then most people understand. I believe you do because of Stringer. (smile) (((HUGS))) Amy

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  6. walking on sunshine has a smile as she thinks about unfurling her petals….So sweet….
    the orbs around Queen Elizabeth are intriguing and the next one made me think a Spirit was bending down to inhale her fragrance 🙂
    You images as well as your thoughts always balance each other as they should…
    They are all gorgeous… Thank you for sharing your art and being you
    Take Care…You Matter…


  7. Wow, I really love the great background on these! I love that one that has a little glimmer of light behind it. I don’t think I would have noticed the backgrounds as much had you not said to look- so interesting how when we look, we really see 🙂 ❤ xo Amy!


    1. I’m glad you enjoyed these, Melissa. It’s amazing to me when we look at something we are not really seeing the whole of it until our shift of perspective changes. We really live in a magical place. You just have to see it. (((HUGS))) Amy


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