Stand Up (4 MACROS)

87 thoughts on “Stand Up (4 MACROS)”

    1. Oh, Melissa, Bless you! It really is not easy to stand up for what is right, especially when it seems you are paddling upriver when everyone else is paddling down. You really have a True Heart. I “see” it. (((HUGS))) Amy


    1. MOL There was ONE in there that was NOT a Rose. Well kind of. It’s called Rose of Sharon. And you are very welcome. Mom Bonzo aims to please the Shrimp. xxoo Hugs and Kisses!!


    1. Why thank you, Professor. That reminds me I have yet to read your newsletter. *mutters* I actually bought a newspaper yesterday and I read ONE article. YUP! Life! OK! Comin’ on over!! xx LadyP


    1. Oh, YellowCable, what JOY it is to see you today! I hope you had a wonderful day or are about to have a wonderful day. I think we live in different time zones. (((HUGS))) Amy


    1. Hmmmmm…… says LadyP. I’ll see what I can do. A deuce he wants, does he? And rosy at that? Hmmmmm……I’ll see what I can do for you. I know I have a yellow deuce. A Full House of bright pinks. Hmmmm ….. I’ll see I just will. Thank you, Uncle Tree. xx LadyP

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  1. I love how you have your flowers talk like this – and showing action vs. passivity with such few words and single images is a gift – also – I passionately agree that there is a time to stand up – and little reminders like this can whisper in someone’s ear if they have to do it at a time when it is not easy or when there is mess and risk involved.
    cheers. 🙂
    and blog hugs ❤


    1. Yvette, I absolutely adore what you say about my work. I really thank you!!! Yes, my simple writings do have meaning and yes my flowers take those words and bring them even more meaning. I’ve been standing up for so long that sometimes I just ask if it is worth it. I had a conversation with someone in the medical field just yesterday, who knew I was grossly mistreated, but when I reported it to the “correct party” I hit a brick wall. In other words, waste of time on my part. It’s tough to keep standing up for what is right. Not enough people do. So glad you understand and actually heard my words. I really thank you. (((HUGS))) Amy


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