At First Glance


At first glance
All is not what it seems.

Photography/ “At First Glance” 2014©AmyRose

(Photo of Cuddles, my 10 yr. old male beloved feline taken on 9/6/14. Cuddles is also known as Mr. Security, and if you know what to look for in a cat, you will know I speak Truth. I would not want to be anyone who attempted to harm me. He takes his position in this house quite seriously.)

69 thoughts on “At First Glance

    1. Thank you, Amy. I was actually shooting flowers (today’s post) when I saw Cuddles protecting me through the window. I saw how cool the reflections looked and so I shot a photo. It does make for an “interesting” image. LOL Love, Amy


    1. Mary, when he came to us he was this tiny, and I mean tiny, little kitten, frozen and starving. My husband slept in a chair to hold him for 3 days because this kitten just would not let go. Hence the name Cuddles. Yes he knows how to Love especially in the mornings when he lays on my um chest (groan!) to wake me up. LOL Love, Amy


    1. Marissa, that is actually the reflection on the window that did that. I saw the “light” on Cuddles’ face and I said wow too! Surreal is right!!!! Have a wonderful day!!! xx Amy


    1. LOL I thought it was “Bev” when I left my comment last night at your site. I try to remember so many names, and usually I can do it. (smile) Yes, my Cuddles is beautiful, thank you! (((HUGS))) Amy


    1. He only tolerates so much Lovin’ and then I get the hiss. It has to be on HIS terms, not mine. So when he does come to me, even when laying on my lungs first thing in the morning, I get my Lovin’ there. To see him smile, makes my day! Love, Amy

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    1. He’s not too keen with playing. Just with Rusty. Rusty can sweet talk anyone into anything. He is SO funny with Cuddles, jumping on him, ever so gently pretending to be rough and tough. And then they tumble about on the floor. Cute and endearing. HI GUYS!!!! (((HUGS))) MB


      1. Now, Roxy, it is those treats that make you um pleasantly plump and just want to lie around. Stick with Rusty and he will get you nice and trim in no time. But you will have to move. Love, MB


    1. Guess what? Please excuse my mistake, the photo was taken on 9/6 and he is still there with you. I think I should please edit my comment and just include how wise his eyes look and he does seem like he would be a tough cookie! Mr. Security, I bet!


      1. ROFLMAO! I just finished writing to you and now I see this comment. Too funny. I’m glad we are on the same page now. Whew! This is good!!! LOL Yes, he really is Mr. Security yet don’t let him know I told you, he has a very gentle and sweet soul. (((HUGS))) Amy


    2. Oh, Sweetheart, you misread this. I didn’t loose Cuddles. I took his picture two days ago. He is well and very much alive. He will probably be sitting on my chest tomorrow morning to wake me up. LOL (((HUGS))) Amy


    1. LOL Cats are the best aren’t they? I just came from the couch with Rocky on me, just hanging out together, my hand just stroking him, he purring. A moment. A moment that is now gone. I treasure each Moment! xx Amy


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