The Toltec Path (Quote)


My Father said to me, “Miguel, when you understand that you are perfect just the way you are, you will see that everything is perfect just the way it is.”

But it is not easy to just wake up one day, say you’re perfect, and actually believe it. Making such a dramatic change in perspective requires desire and commitment. First, you leave behind any false ideal of perfection. You release your attachment to what you believe it means to be the perfect you, and you stop judging yourself for not meeting your own expectations, accepting yourself for who you are at this very moment. You begin by learning to love yourself and giving gratitude every morning for being alive.


Stop whatever you are doing right now and take this moment to love and honor yourself. You are perfect just the way you are, because you are alive in this moment.


“Living a Life of Awareness”

Daily Meditations on the Toltec Path

by Don Miguel Ruiz, Jr.

Photograph 2014Β©AmyRose

61 thoughts on “The Toltec Path (Quote)

    1. Thank you, Marissa. A work in progress with me. I read this last night, and it struck HOME so deeply I knew I had to share it. Then I edited this image, put the two together, and voila! I struck anew what I do with this cam of mine. This image just blows ME away. Have a great weekend!!! Love, Amy

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  1. “release your attachment to what you believe it means to be the perfect you” – I think that this is key and probably the most difficult to do πŸ™‚
    Yet it is so easy to see perfection in nature and in your lively photo.
    Your post is a perfect way to start my day! luv xox

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    1. I too see perfection in Nature, yet not me. Yes, this is definitely a work in progress. I have gotten to the point when I do “mess up” I can actually laugh at myself. Now that is an improvement. πŸ™‚ Love, Amy


  2. I can relate to this, sis, because I was taught that we should try to be
    perfectly good, like Our Father (and our Mother, I will add). Hard enough
    just to do our best all the time. We know perfectly well the impossible dream.

    Hope you find some time this weekend to be perfectly lazy, Amy. πŸ˜‰ Hugz, UT


    1. I was perfectly lazy yesterday having a movie fest. I too was brought up to be “perfect” and when I did make a mistake, it was awful. Example ….. My mother depended on good grades in order to get tickets for Crystal Beach, an amusement park that was our highlight of the summer. They had a system for every “A” they would give you a certain amount of tickets for free. The better the grade, the more the tickets. IF I brought home anything less then an “A”, I was severely repremanded. Oh yes, the teachings of the “church” didn’t help either, believe me. I have spent my entire life cutting those lies from off of me!!! And free me!!! ((HUGS))) Amy

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    1. I too say the same. I edited and posted this flower late last night and now this morning I am stunned at what I see. I took this image from a flower basket that lined a sidewalk I was walking on the other day. Thank you, Cee! (((HUGS))) Amy


  3. trouble is we are constantly having to fight against the extremely strong messages we are sent every day from birth by everyone around us: that of ‘you will be good enough when…..’ …..when you pass this test; achieve this grade; pass this exam; get this; have that;
    – home; school; work; media; government etc., –
    and so we have it ingrained in us;

    then when the true message of ‘we are already good enough’ is given us, something in us knows it is true, but it then has to fight and overcome the old messages;

    it would be nice if we could tell eachother constantly – you are good enough ‘now’; rather than the – you are good enough ‘when’;

    what a different world it would be; one day, I hope it will be like that πŸ™‚


    1. Sweetheart, this is what I do every day when I am on here. I say all the time so many things that add up to: You are perfect just the way you are and I do LOVE you. No, this world does not say this, but I do. I grew up in an environment with constant conditions, which I could NEVER measure up to. So, I took that with me into adulthood, determined to undo all that horrid conditioning (still working on it) to make ME feel wonderful every moment of every day, no matter how I mess up. AND then to pass on to ALL that come here, (((HUGS))), LOVE, and encouragement, Peace and just by me being me, accepting YOU for who YOU are in this moment. I speak to hundreds of people a day, to keep on Loving, even on those days I am ready to drop from exhaustion, or those days that are challenge ones for me, or those days I get so discouraged becasue this world’s lies are so loud. If you come here and start really reading and seeing what I post here, you will start feeling the LOVE that is represented here. I promise. (((HUGS))) Amy

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      1. glad I found your blog πŸ˜€ I think we all fight against the negative, and we keep on though yes some days are hard; all the best to you, and I will keep reading πŸ˜€


  4. Unfortunately, not all of us can love yourself like it should be. Neale Donald Walsch in his book “Conversation with God” said that you cannot love somebody properly if you do not love yourself. It seems to me that is true. We need to love and accept ourself as it is with all our heart.
    Have a nice weekend, Amy!


    1. I too have Neale Donald Walsch’s books, Alexander. Yes it really is true that IF we do not LOVE ourselves how is it possible to LOVE another for who that person is? May you have a great weekend too, friend!!! (((HUGS))) Amy


  5. Love this little piece of philosophy Amy… Our perception of perfection is just that.. Perception.. For me a perfect morning could be a misty one with dew on the cobwebs in the hedgerow.. To another it would be a miserable start to their day..
    I often used to look in the mirror and didn’t like the refection that stared back.. It took many years to overcome this aversion to myself.. As I was a very self conscious teenager always thought myself too thin and too spotty LOL…
    Loved your choice of subject and Loved your photo xx


  6. This was a beautiful quote from Miguel. I think this should be one we all need to re-read and feel this love of ourselves. Belief in oneself is so important. Thank you for this reminder, Amy!


    1. You are SO welcome! I have decided as I read this book, I shall be posting more from Miguel as my Heart guides me to. His words are SO powerful and I know SO many could benefit from it. I went over to your site tonight, and the post that came up is so long, I honestly didn’t have the time to get to all of it. Know I really was at your blog and I really wanted to like and comment. Could you send me a link to a shorter post so that I could do just that for you? I know I am following you and I am not sure right now if I have seen you in my reader. I like to recriprocate with my Friends by going over to see their work. (((HUGS))) Amy


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