Kisses (3 MACROS)

55 thoughts on “Kisses (3 MACROS)

    1. Thank you, Cee. Coming from YOU this means a LOT to me. Macro seems to be my “niche” although I really am trying to branch out a bit. Besides, my Roses just inspire me to do my ultimate best for them. Love, Amy


    1. Amy, I promise when I do my butterfly post and yes I really do have one coming, I will mention milkweed and that it can be bought at amazon. More of us who care have to work together to save these beautiful butterflies. What man has done to this planet is horrific. I will do my best!!! (((HUGS))) Amy


    1. I KNOW!!! And I have another bud coming on Tatitian Sunset. I can’t wait. AND there are buds on two other roses that I have not seen all year! One is pink and the other one I don’t even remember what She looks like. OH I am SO excited!!! (((HUGS))) Amy


    1. OH!!! Maverick!! That is the sweetest thing to say to me. My Moondance used to have SO many Roses on Her each year but the last two years have been so hard. These white Roses seemed to glow for real. I gulped them in with my eyes hungrily and in awe. They are now gone, for they did not flower long. But I saw them, I SAW them and when they were here, they were glorious! I hope what I do next year will help Moondance thrive better. The weather and the insects have been horrible. Hope YOU had a great day today! Love, Amy

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    1. SMILE She is my favorite so far this year. So pure and pristine. While on the bush this Rose and Her sisters seem to glow. I was just mesmermized, my eyes just could not get enough of Her and Her sisters. They are now down, not lasting long, BUT they bloomed!!! Horray!!!! Love, Amy


      1. She is just so much a part of my Heart. When I see my Rose my Heart dances with glee. And then when they sleep, my Heart cries. I wish I could have Roses all year round. xx Amy


  1. That second one, Amy – like, WOW !! It’s like a goddam PERSON ! Such beauty …It must be one of the props you use most, your rose garden. And all done by you !
    My compliments, m’love …


    1. Oh, M-R, this is MY GLORIOUS Tahitian Sunset who I had not seen in TWO years. She has ONE more bud on Her that still has yet to happen. I agree she IS a person with all Her different colors and textures! Yes, She amazes me. Good to see your smile!!!! ((HUGS)) and MUCH LOVE, Amy

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      1. God Bless you for YOUR awesomeness!!! I really have been touched by you today, Vadana. I Love to share and to make other Hearts sing for JOY. I am so happy to have you here at Petals. It is MY gain!! (((HUGS))) Amy


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