Explanation of the Magic Rose

OK, Everyone! It’s been figured out that what happened with the Magic Rose was nothing more then the White Balance changing due to more light in the background of the purple Rose. I had WB on auto, and truth be told, totally forgot about it, just being so focused on my manual settings. Just as my camera does not function well when set to automatic, so it seems the same is true when the white balance is set to auto.


I really don’t like to burst anyone’s bubble, but the Magic theory just got blown. I know Magic is more fun, and yes, I honestly feel “Magic” when I am behind that camera. Seeing how I am the truthful type, I just had to let you know what some people figured out. A huge thank you to Chun and to Jackie!

Writing 2014©AmyRose

44 thoughts on “Explanation of the Magic Rose

    1. God bless you, Melissa! I actually have tears in my eyes, because I really DO feel Magic when I am behind my camera. You really touched my Heart big time! Yet I had to come forth to let everyone know the “truth” of the matter. I choose to stick with Magic too!!! It’s FUN and it makes me feel like a KID again! (((HUGS))) Amy


  1. This does not take away the magic of nature – it’s always there. Capturing it is not always so easy. Practice and practice some more and you will get there. 😉 *big hugs*


    1. Thank you, Jackie. I am running out of space on my hard drive. I have an external one as well. That is getting crammed. Yep, I’m practicing all right. So much more to learn as well. I really thank you for clearing up the “mystery”. I agree there is Magic in Nature. I always strive to get the colors exactly right on each flower. That as you know is not easy. Yet I am learning. 🙂 (((HUGS))) Amy

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  2. I agree with others’ asessments that it is still Magic. And Truth, dear Amy. Have you not shown an example of the power of “light” to not only change the quality of something but also our perception of it?

    Love you, my friend!!

    🙂 AH


    1. AH, how wonderul to connect with you!!! Yes, it is truly all in the perception. Light boggles my mind and I would swear that just twilight in of itself is magic light. I DO Love you, too, and I really hope all is well your way!! Give JJ BIG (((HUGS))) for me as I am squeezing you in bear (((HUGS))) Love, Amy


    1. I still don’t know how to link. Do you believe that? Honestly, when I am using my editor box the link thingie won’t light up. It did for my other theme, but not this one. And I DO thank you, Linda, for taking the time to look at my other post, seeing we both are eyeball deep in um repair work. Tee hee ….(((HUGS))) Amy

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    1. Maverick, AGAIN I am having trouble at your blog both liking and commenting. I probably can from the reader but not directly from your site. So I will tell you that I laughed out loud by the quote and I really liked your image today!!! I pray my probs are not coming your way. Honestly!!! Love, Amy

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    1. Agreed!!!! That is the way I THINK regardless if there can be a explantion. Me being the honest bloke I am, I had to say what I did for those who were iffy about the Magick story. Most people who did reply to this post agree with the Magick. (smile) I’m offically off today, (can you tell?) so haven’t been doing my rounds. I’ll see your blog tomorrow!! (((HUGS))) and thank you! Amy


  3. Dear Amy
    I left you a little note at the Pond. I’m not as good with the computer, you know,
    so I was glad to see you there. Finally I found you. Just it will take me a while to find all to see and read here.. I was thinking of you recently. Hope all is O.K. with you.


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