Walk With Me (7 IMAGES)

71 thoughts on “Walk With Me (7 IMAGES)

    1. Thank you, Kathy!!! I actually re-edited some images because this morning I was in a great hurry, not doing the meticulous job I usually do. Now they are to my standards. I went to Lewiston, NY on Niagara River. Yep, you will see this week when I post where I went today!! Love, Amy


      1. That’s Great, Amy!!! Looks like a beautiful area. Will see any further posts from you at the end of the week. Leaving late morning tomorrow and back sometime Thursday. Love, Kathy


    1. Happy Sunday to you as well, Roxy&Tigerlino!! BIG day for me! Have begun my Niagara Falls “tour” as of today. You’ll see. I will have a post of where I went this week up for you to see. LOVE, MB


  1. “On The Road with Rose”, or Lady AmyPinkly 😉 “A-Tisket, A-Tasket”
    a brown and yellow leaf? Say it isn’t so! Over-watering does that, I know.
    No woebegones here. We goin’ green from ear to ear… for awhile yet.

    The ruby tennies set me off on a tandem. What can I say? Nice pics!
    See ya latah, Cindarella. ❤ Luvz and hugz, Keith

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    1. Ya made LadyPinkie smile, Uncle Tree. Think GREEN. And it is so. It has turned HOT here, and we have a good week of BEAUTIFUL weather. The ruby tennies. Oh my! I will never look at my sneaks the same again. (smile) Glad you “caught” why I said the “red grill road”. Tee hee ….. I fixed some pics as well just now. Took out noise and such. In a BIG hurry this morn so didn’t do my usual meticulous job with the images as I normally do … I went to Lewiston, NY today, north of Niagara Falls. Now I’m back as you can see … chittin’ and a’ chattin’ with Uncle Tree. GRIN! Love, Rubes

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      1. Susan, I just rescued you from my spam folder AGAIN. I’ve had it. I am writng a post about all the problems I am having, and I HOPE WP sees my post! I am really upset about all the issues I am having. (((HUGS)) Amy


      2. I never worry about you responding or not. I like it when you can and do, but never get my knickers in a twist. 😀 Carry on, sister. Love your photos!


    1. You are welcome, Maverick. My cellphone camera is not all that great, so I will be looking for a better pocket camera. I bought an adroid and this camera I really am disappointed in. *sigh* A woman asked me to take a pic of her a her “first” date today, and when I saw her cellphone, I saw whoa!!! These smart phones are incredible!!!! I MUST check these out!!!! Love, Amy


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