True Joy (4 MACROS)

30 thoughts on “True Joy (4 MACROS)”

    1. Hard work and sweat …. hmmmm…… Let me see ….. Enjoying the sunshine getting tan. There you go! Always a positive in everything!!!! Your glistening friend from the compost, (((HUGS))) Amy


    1. More like sweat, Val. GRIN! Yes, it is still hot here, BUT farmers and gardners are saying COLD September this year. I would rather sweat now then freeze later. Besides I might be able to get some stunning Fall photos at Niagara Falls IF the majority of my work in my gardens is done. Hope you are having a great day!!! Love, Amy


  1. I love photos of flowers of you. 🙂
    All photos are very cute. 😀
    Season of autumn flowers will come from now on in my area.
    Fellow of the chrysanthemum is often autumn flowers.
    Then, I went to the river yesterday.
    But I, I could not shoot well like you.
    dear Amy, Love. ❤
    — Chun

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    1. Chun, you humble me with your words. Thank you. But of course you cannot shoot like me because you are YOU and truly unique. I LOVE your photos for they speak of your Heart, and your Love for photography. Don’t compare oranges with apples for it is just not possible. By that I mean, don’t compare me with you. I look at your work and I see Chun. And I LOVE Chun for I see the Heart. 🌹💞🌹 Love, Amy


      1. Amy, before, when I first saw a picture of you, it was impressive beautiful very delicate.
        Since then, I’m looking forward to your photos.
        And your photo of flowers makes me happy. 😀

        And I think the photos of falls and the water are excellent. 🙂

        I think the personality of each is very important.
        The personality of photos comes from our Hearts.
        So, Amy, I love you and your heart.


      2. Then let me say I am very glad we now are in one another’s life to enjoy what the other photographs. And as well, to talk across the miles sharing our Hearts. How much better does this get? (((HUGS))) Amy


      3. We have shared many things.
        And I think that it has a positive impact on each other.
        It is that great.
        I have taken the flow of the river today.
        And I tried to devise a little.
        In the near future, I will post.
        Dear Amy.


    1. Ah, Charlie, you are beginning to fall in Love with the magic my flowers do hold. I Love the smell of the damp Earth and yes when I get close to the flowers I do inhale of their sweetness. It is pure Bliss. Bless you. Love, Amy


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