Just Letting You Know

I am just letting you know, I have thousands of images of flowers for the coming COLD months ahead of us. I am extremely disappointed that more of my Roses did not bloom, due to problems with insects again this year. I really worked with my Roses this year, doing everything I know how to do, and still, some bushes have not bloomed to date.

When my gardens are closed, and the majority of my photo taking is over with, I will have more time to again visit your blogs and chit chat. I really thank you all for being flexible with my schedule. Perhaps this year I will get into Winter photography, I don’t know. I still have on my list to do THIS year, Niagara Falls. If it happens, it does. If not, I always have next year.

So that all being said, you all have a great day! I am preparing my compost today so that I can in turn go to my neighbor’s fields to collect horse manure, and harvesting my Lavender today. If I have time to spare after running some errands, I will start pruning back those bushes that are no longer flowering.

With Love and (((HUGS))) Amy

Letting You know 2014©AmyRose

19 thoughts on “Just Letting You Know

    1. Celia, my Roses will be the last to go down. At least those that are thriving. I have one plant that blooms white flowers in the Fall, and yes, I have forgottent the name. All other perennials are going down fast. Even when in flower, the flowers did not last this year. Very sad. Hope you are having a great day. I was on break, now back outside I go. (((HUGS))) Amy


    1. Amy, in all honesty, I have some bushes that have been so attacked I don’t know if they will make it through Winter. Even when I take care of the insects they are back with a vengence eating the new foliage that was not sprayed. I have seen my gardens just full of Roses …. not so for now two years. I don’t know if I should dig the weaker bushes up and replace them next Spring? I don’t know. I try my best to nurture all and to bring all to Health. We’ll see how it goes and what these bushes say to me. (((HUGS))) Amy


  1. There is over a month left of daily high temperatures over 90F here, so the concept of winter is hard for me to imagine sometimes, and the kind of winters you get in that famously cold and snowy part of the country where you live. Hopefully, you will get some great ideas for snow scenes and the like.

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    1. Hi, Ron. It is still hot here, but the farmers and gardners are saying very cold September. I would rather sweat now in the sunshine then freeze later. And as for those snowy photos … this body doesn’t do well in cold BUT I AM determined this year to overcome this and go outside to shoot fantastic snow scenes. Must be nice to live in a hot climate. I honestly don’t like cold. I hurt. MIND over matter ….. I WILL do this!!! Have a great day!!! Love, Amy


    1. Giggling ….. You crack me up! Thanks fur makin’ my day just a wee bit easier. MB is a’sweatin’ and will be some more! I now eat (yup even I do that!) then go back out, lay plastic down and off I go to the farmer’s field fur horse poop. Yippeeeeeee!!!! Love, MB

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  2. You are preparing to close your garden. I guess that is how things go at your place then. I know summer is winding down with only about a little more than month to go at most.


    1. Yes. And through the garden grape vine, September here is supposed to colder then normal. I am trying to do what I can now so that I don’t have to do it in freezing cold. I don’t particularly do well in the cold. Perhaps it will be different this year. I hope so!!! Love, Amy


    1. That’s the plan, RoSy! LOL That is the plan!!! Gardens if you don’t know really are a lot of work, and right now, I am pooped. A good night’s rest will cure that! (((HUGS)) Amy


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