A Day in the Park (9 IMAGES)

[Friends, I have not one but two photo shoots today, one this morning at a baby shower, and another one late this afternoon in glorious gardens. My phone rang at 8am this morning. The Mother of the young woman whose baby shower I am attending, asked me if I would take pictures. YES!! Of course I will! What’s the saying? Feast or famine? When it rains Β it pours? If I do not answer your comments right away as I usually attempt to do, know I will when I can. Bless you! And have a Great Day indeed! Love, Amy]

Now on to my story ….


Yesterday I decided to go for a ride on my bike. So I went. I had no set plans, just with the general idea of getting away from “life” for a while. Oh, that is not totally correct. I rode to a home whose owner has absolutely gorgeous gardens with my intention to get permission to photograph them. I got it!!! YAY!!! She has SO many flowers, it will probably take me about 3 days to do them all. Oh, have YOU got some Beauties in store for you!

Getting back to this post …. (smile)

Of course I had my cellphone in my pocket which turned out to be a gift in disguise. For you see, in the park I went for a ride in, I saw such diversity of people, I just had to experiment with “street photography”.

To be honest, overall, I was very disappointed, for some of my photographs blurred, most likely due to my nervousness in taking the photos. If I had not told a couple who were celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary that I planned on posting this on Sunday, I would not have. Why? Because the photos that did blur, the most important ones, at least to me, came out blurred. Yep, Ted and Judy, yours are what I am speaking of, and I am truly so sorry from the bottom of my Heart, that this happened. You looked so beautiful, Judy, and you so handsome and strong, Ted, I really wanted to do you two justice. My hands must have moved the cellphone just slightly as I was taking your photo. Darn darn darn! I did my best to unblur your image, but my knowledge of PS is limited. I really did do my best.

Anyways, here is how the story unfolded. I was riding in this park and I noticed a baseball game in progress (Softball to be exact) and then after that, some kids playing badminton.Β  So I stopped to take photos.


IMG_20140809_150114_940Then across the street, I noticed a man playing a guitar and singing. I swung my bike in his direction, and snapped a photo. To my astonishment, the trees came out clear but not the people. HUH? It is getting evident I have a lot to learn about street photography. I think I like my flowers better. Here is the photo of the guitar player.

IMG_20140809_145533_719Where would my bike head me next? Next I saw a DJ, yes, you heard me, a DJ and I asked him if it was OK to take his photo. He had a huge infectious grin on his face and man, my face just lit up like a Christmas tree when I saw those big white pearlies of his. I could just feel his joy! He said yes, so here he is.

IMG_20140809_150449_445As I looked around I saw kids playing basket ball with this cute little girl on the courts as well. Yep, I snapped and here is that photo.

IMG_20140809_150554_786I started riding my bike again and I see this lovely young woman in a striped black and white dress walking her dog, coming towards me. I stopped my bike and asked her if I could take her picture because she just looked so darn pretty. She said yes to my elation and so I snapped. Kimberly, if you are reading this, you came out clear and just gorgeous. You should model!! Here is Kimberly and her dog.

IMG_20140809_150854_865In our conversation, Kimberly told me about her grandparents’ 50th Wedding Anniversary and I was told it would be OK to take pictures. So off I went in that direction, and entered the building where the celebration was taking place. Ted and Judy got married on August 1, 1964, and yesterday renewed their wedding vows. Now, if this is not a milestone I don’t know what is! They have five children, fourteen grandchildren, and six great grandchildren. Congratulations to Ted and Judy! And a huge apology that your photo blurred. Here they are, with Judy having a crown on her head, standing next to her husband of 50 years …..

IMG_10x12It was about time for me to head back home, so after talking to Ted and Judy for a little while I again got back on my bike. As I did, I did something with my camera, not sure what. Oops, how did I get in here?

IMG_20140809_152627_128I honestly don’t even know how I took this picture. LOL That’s me on my bike.

And last but not least. As I rounded a corner all set to go home, I saw a beautiful group of women from India. I stopped and asked permission to take their picture, and they said yes. I snapped, said, “Namaste”, and again headed for home.

IMG_20140809_152658_157On the home stretch, I wonderful man passed me on my bike, grinned hugely and said, “Lovely day isn’t it?” and I grinned back and said, “Oh yes!!

There you have it. You just came along with me on my ride in the park yesterday. I really enjoyed talking to the people I did, and I was very surprised that all who I asked, allowed me to take their photos. Thank you to all of you who made this post possible. I am very honored and grateful to you.

I hope you enjoyed this post, even if some of my photos were blurred. I know I have room for improvement. Have a Great Day!!!! (((HUGS))) Amy

Photography/A Day in the Park 2014Β©AmyRose

53 thoughts on “A Day in the Park (9 IMAGES)

    1. Thank you for the best wishes, Keith. The morning shoot was a nightmare. Just leave it at that. The afternoon, in the gardens I was in, I was in heaven and lifted so high, my feet never touched the ground. I am stocking my shelves for the coming winter months, and let me tell you, these flowers are gorgeous!! I return on Tuesday to continue in those gardens, and perhaps two more times after that. These gardens are extensive, and truth be told, I don’t think I would ever get to all of them. What this woman and husband have done is transferred their property into the Garden of Eden. I didn’t want to leave. (((HUGS))) Amy

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I totally enjoyed this post and Ty for taking me along on your ride with you.
    I take a lot of photos with my iPhone as they arise and when I do not have my camera with me.
    Have a wonderful Sunday and hope all of your photos of the baby shower come out perfectly.


    1. Good morning, sunsetdragon! The baby shower pics did not come out good to my standards, for I found out the hard way my camera does not perform well in low light settings. That and I am a landscape photographer, people just not my thing. I know with editing IF you know what you are doing, these photos will look good. The afternoon shoot sent me to heaven. Hope you had a good Sunday, and I am glad you liked my bike ride. Love, Amy


  2. These were very good street or taking of people going about their daily lives. You are very courage to ask them for taking pictures of them. Like going on a bike and taking pictures… fantastic.!


    1. I actually had fun, YellowCable. At first I was nervous, especially with the wedding anniversary couple, but by the time I saw the women from India, my courage was higher. I don’t know if I will be doing this on a regular basis. I still like my flowers better. Love, Amy


    1. LOL Getting on a bike and riding it invigorates you, Marissa. I love riding my bike, and the day I took these pictures, it was like I was following bread crumbs and finding treasures. It was FUN!!! Love, Amy


  3. Oh Amy, I so enjoyed my bike ride and I didn’t have to peddle once! Lol.. and shusssh but I can not ride a bike lol.. πŸ™‚ Loved your dialogue too all the way through your story Amy… πŸ™‚ Missed not being here my friend πŸ™‚


    1. My Sunday was crazy, Sue. By the time last night came, I was staggering. Just too much in one day. I won’t be doing that again, believe me. I missed being here too. It was strange not to talk to my friends. Glad you like my bike ride, and you must learn how to ride a bike. It is so much FUN!!! Have a great Monday!!! Love, Amy


      1. I fell off a boys sit up and beg bike when I was 7. the bike far too big for me. and hurt myself quite badly.. We never had funds within our family to have bikes as children. So I never did get up on a bike again. My children both had bikes and my hubby always rode a bike.. I think mine will have to have 3 wheels Amy if I am ever going to ride on my own LOL.. or I quiet fancy those child carts.. LOL.. hehe…


      2. What is that saying? When you fall off a horse, you MUST get up on it again right away. If not the fear will take hold and you won’t get up on a horse again. Hmmmm….. xx


      3. Yep! you are not the first to say that to me LOL πŸ™‚ still, if I get up on a bike for the first time again at 60.. Maybe I should put on my Bucket List.. lol πŸ˜€


      4. Yes I know Amy.. I can even surprise ME some days! πŸ™‚ hehe.. BIG (((HUGS))) back xxx and also what you said about being a RN.. I totally get what you said.. and so am with you on that.. xxx


      5. Bless you, Sue. One understands the system when one is in it. I”ve been both in it and as a patient. Let me just say, I reall got an education. (((HUGS))) Amy


  4. Good Morning Amy and thanks for taking me along on your bike ride. I enjoyed looking at them. You are so brave asking people. I tend to be shy and would have trouble asking. Really loved the post. Love, Kathy β™₯ β™₯ β™₯


    1. I tend to be shy too, Kathy. I honestly don’t know what got into me that day. It was just I was seeing such a diversity of people as though I were being given a Gift. I didn’t want to throw that Gift away so I began to talk to people. And I really did have FUN. Really! Love, Amy


  5. Looks like you had a nice time capturing happenings around the park.
    I can’t wait to see the garden pix!
    Enjoy your day. It does seem pretty full. But – it should be fun.


    1. I had a beautiful time in those gardens, RoSy, and I am going back on Tuesday, with at least 2 more days as well. These gardens are extensive with flowers everywhere you look. I was in heaven. I may be putting up a post to give an example of the treasure I found there this week. I don’t know. I do know I have begun stocking my shelves for winter. (smile) Love, Amy


      1. I am very honored by your presence here, dear Alisha. I saw you over at Uncle Tree’s place, and I am thrilled you know us both. Thank you for being a part of my life. Thank you and Bless you. Love, Amy


  6. What a FUN day! I think your enthusiasm for LIFE is what allowed everyone to say YES to having YOU take their picture! I can always feel your love come through your pictures and words; I can only imagine how it must be in person! Hugs, Phyl Oh, and I love the pic of you on your bike! πŸ™‚


    1. Thank you, Phyl. You like my shadow? Tee hee …. oh that’s funny. And I am really touched about what you said about feeling the love in my posts. Bless you, my friend. That is where it is at ….. LOVE. By the time I saw the DJ, and saw HIS grin, I was grinning too! (((HUGS)) and have a great Monday! Love, Amy


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