Perfect Time

14 thoughts on “Perfect Time”

    1. Gina, my beautiful Sister of Crystal Light, you have the tears dripping off my chin. I have not ever had such a thank you in my entire Life. I have given you only what was on my Heart to give. I Love to give and especially to someone who has come to mean so much to me, in such a very short time. You keep this Rose, and you keep these words, tucked safely in your Heart, and know, just know, as The Rose told me, that when that Perfect Time comes, you shall burst forth in such blazing Glory, nothing and no one will be able to stop you. The unstoppable Gina. Like the waterfalls I visited today, Powerful, Full to Bursting, and gushing forth with such force, that nothing NOTHING stops Her. Like Her, as you. I am SO touched, SO grateful to you, I wish I could (((HUG))) you and not let go for a very LONG time. I am actually shaking writing these words. OH FOR THE JOY you have given to ME!!! To ME, Gina!!And so our combined JOY shall go out to ALL on Earth, and ALL shall feel this JOY and be moved within their Hearts! I Love you, Gina!!! Bless your Heart! Love and Peace, Amy


  1. This idea of a “Perfect Time” really made me smile and feel warm inside. I think when the rose is meant to bloom, it will. Which makes me believe when or if ever, someone decides to care about me again, as a boyfriend, it will be the ‘Perfect Time.’ I just have to wait until it comes… Thanks for this, I think by allowing many different reactions and choices for interpreting that time makes this a ‘universal poem!’ I enjoyed this very much, Amy!


    1. Oh, Honey, you are so very welcome. I agree with you that it is a Universal Poem. I wrote it with something in mind for myself. Actually no. The Rose gave me the words to reassure me, that in the Perfect Time, my Life will be what I Dream. And you too!!! ((((HUGS))) Amy


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