Promise Coming

I know I promised you more of my waterfalls. Friends, I have not forgotten. LIFE has been throwing me some pretty hard curve balls and to get some quality time with Diviity, I’ve been hopping on my bike with camera in hand. I felt strongly in my spirit to share with you some of those Divine experiences I have been having of late, for I know many of you are struggling. It’s not just me.

I plan on taking a day, two at the most off, and then I will start posting my beautiful waterfalls. Thank you for being patient with me. I LOVE you! Amy

21 thoughts on “Promise Coming

  1. Willy and I wait patiently with puppy dog smiles. The light you share warms us from the chill that stalks us.


    1. And oh it stalks, Willy Nilly. I am moved my Light helps keep at bay that which chills to the marrow and sucks one dry. Stay connected with the Divine, your Heart, Love, and with Light. I am here with you as are my cats. Love, Amy


    1. As I wrote to another friend, I am in a growing period, pushed out into the uncomfortable, the unfamilar. I’m coping as best as I can, by staying Centered and Calm. When I get through this phase, I will be standing on the next higher Stair to Heaven. Thank you, Holly, for your concern. Love, Amy


    1. Harold, sometimes Life serves a different way of how we normally “play”. Those phases I have come to recognize as growth periods. I happen to be in such a one. Life is grooming me for another step up on the Staircase to Heaven. Thank you, Harold! Bless you. Love, Amy


    1. No worries, Dan. All is Well. All is Perfect. AmyRose has been working too hard. Time (again) for R&R. These Life Lessons (growning phases) are far from easy. Yes, I happen to be in one. Love, Amy


  2. I know what it’s like to want to do one thing but need to take care of others. I’ve got photos of a waterfall I did last weekend that I’ve only managed to transfer to the computer but have not yet had time to start processing them yet. Capturing them is the critical point though because once you’ve got the files you can take your time. Looking forward to your photos. 🙂


  3. Hi Amy,
    Unfortunately, I have numerous ideas on “dusty shelf” to post them in my blog but real busy life dictates its own way. The Waterfall is deathless thing and it will be interesting forever for everybody. It is never late to show it. Life is Life! There are people who we love and care about beside of us and who is a big part of our life. This is why we are shorten in time to sit in front of the screen and write down our posts. It seems to me you have a lot of things to do and things that you are interested in. It takes time. Enjoy that things and forget about laptop. Whoever is interested in your blog will come back here and find your pictures and poems.
    Have a nice Day!


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