Letting Go of Control

I just yesterday had this conversation with someone regarding the subject of this post, and when this post was Reblogged today, I read my own work. It is quite lengthy, yet, if you take the time to read this, I promise you it will be SO worth it. Peace unto you. Shalom. (((HUGS))) Amy

Petals Unfolding


Oh you bet, I am speaking here to myself as well as to you. Control? Letting go? (Oh, YIKES!) Yet when I do let go of control, I am always surprised (pleasantly) how good things “just happen”.

Far from easy to keep on steady and true, this letting go of control. I find myself, especially in one area of my life, see-sawing back and forth when it comes to letting go. Something occurs, that plunges me right back into control, which then leads to the knots in the stomach, the knots in the neck, and this inner ceasing of Peace.

Why do I keep doing this? The truthful answer is fear, of course, that the “outcome” will be less desirable for me, if I totally let go of control. Right there, I said I want to control the outcome. Did you catch that?

The secret is, when you let go…

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10 thoughts on “Letting Go of Control

    1. It’s another word for Peace. Someone said it to me the other day, and it felt good. So I tried it out here. Perhaps I just will say Peace. xx Amy


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