Who ME???

50 thoughts on “Who ME???

  1. I remember vacationing at Lake Erie as a child. I also remember years when there wouldn’t have been enough fish to keep that bird alive. It’s great to see the water looking healthy again.


    1. That water has made a huge comeback, Dan. For a long time it was like a sewer. It was a horrible mess. It does my Heart good to both see and smell healthy water again. Thank you! Love, Amy


      1. I can hear the munching and for once I am smiling. You have been through too much. I’m glad I could serve you a delicious snack. (((HUGS))) Mom BonZo


      2. You bet I do. I don’t know of anyone else who has a Shrimp approval in their gardens. I am the luckiest woman alive!! Way Kool, KAT! xx Amy


  2. Great shot of that gull and hmmm, wonder if he is the one who flew over this morning when I was leaving the car wash and pooped on my clean car. 😛


    1. ROFLMAO!!!! Sorry but I did NOT mean to laugh but it seems when I wash my car, either it rains or a bird poops on it. Sorry about that!!!! (((HUGS))) Amy


      1. Hahaha, omg funny story… I was woken up to a weird sound, sort of like an obnoxious squawking, and I look outside my window and see two seagulls having sex! Not joking! Was like did you have to do it outside my window?!!! 😆


      2. You are something else. Honestly. Sounds like the things that happen to you would happen to me. Now I don’t feel so alone! Tee hee ….. Thank you for that, Michelle!!! xx Amy


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