The Difference Between Men and Women (6 IMAGES)

“Honey, I’ll go and check things out first, then I’ll call you on the phone to let you know how we are going to do this.”

My husband thought a great place for me to photograph some waterfalls was at a creek his Dad had taken he and his brother, 45 years ago. He wanted to go before the actual shoot to check things out, because, well, things do change in 45 years.

I was to wait for a phone call from him letting me know all I would need to get ready, and then get my gear together to wait for he to return, to collect me.

The phone did ring, and after listening to the details of THE PLAN, all I could honestly say is DO WHAT??? Is that man out of his ever loving mind? How old does he think we are? Twenty-two?

OK. So this was THE PLAN.


First we had to trek down a very steep path which ended at a sheer precipice. That in turn, fell straight down approximately 10 feet with the bottom ending at a very muddy mess at the edge of the creek. THE PLAN was, he would tie a rope around a tree, secure it, and then we would carefully lower ourselves down that sheer cliff of shale hanging on to the rope, making our way down to the creek bed. From there we had to cross the creek, trek down a ways, recross the creek, and there I would finally find a dry gravel bed in order to set up my tripod.

And oh, on the way back, we would do everything in reverse order and when we got to the rope, he would boost me up onto his shoulders, push me up to that path we first started on, and then he would pull himself up after I was safely up.


You can just imagine my thoughts on the way there about THE PLAN. Yes I would just about do anything for a picture, but this? Not THIS! Has the man lost his grip on REALITY?  I mean, come on, is he serious? Let me tell you, friends, he was serious.

I would just wait to check things for myself when we got there.

We did arrive. And,

we did trek down the steep path to where that precipice was. I looked down and immediately said NO WAY! So here I am, lugging all kinds of camera equipment as is hubs, who in addition, is carrying two coils, not one, of rope. We both are standing at the edge of this steep cliff and looking all around. How just HOW were we going to do this?

THE PLAN is absolutely out of the question. I had to come up with one of my own. Where could I possibly get a clear shot of these falls?

Simple solution.

From the bridge. And that is exactly where I set my tripod up. Yup, on the bridge. Sometimes it really does take a woman to set things right. (smile)

DO enjoy the photos of these falls. I really hope you got a good laugh from my TRUE story! And oh, this happened on the same Saturday as the neighbor incident.

(((HUGS))) Amy

[First photo is hand held. All others are with a tripod.]

05 31 14_399105 31 14_400005 31 14_400105 31 14_400305 31 14_400405 31 14_3995Photography/Writing 2014©AmyRose


157 thoughts on “The Difference Between Men and Women (6 IMAGES)

  1. Love, love, love these photos and your genius idea on where to set up your tripod!!! I had a good laugh. Thanks. The photos came out awesome. 🙂 Am following your blog.


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