Enter The Twilight Zone

Last evening, I entered the Twilight Zone. I wasn’t expecting what I saw before me, and as I did, I knew I had an extremely small window of time to get what my eyes saw transferred to an image. My tripod, set on a gravel bed at the edge of a creek, I quickly repositioned, zoomed in, and shot away,

hoping that what was before me, absolute magic, would become documented. My breath was stopped, my Heart pounded, my eye zeroed in on the scene before me, and with a steady finger, pressed the shutter. I kept holding my breath, not even wanting my breath to move the camera (I don’t have a remote shutter yet).

“Please PLEASE let what I saw be replicated.”

06 09 14_4845I heard the shutter release, opened my eyes and beheld on my LCD screen, magic. There before me and on my LCD, was such explicit beauty … multiple waterfalls, a lighthouse (notice the STAR on the lighthouse), and the reflection of the setting sun on the trees, lighthouse, which in turn reflected that light on the water. Please ENJOY! May the serenity of this photograph embrace your soul.

(((HUGS))) AmyRose

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Photography/Writing 2014©AmyRose