Speechless (10 Macros)

[All Macro Photos of Peonies that had just begun to open, are hand held without an image stabilizer.]

[My hands were really shaking with these, plus I had to contend with a breeze. I tried timing to take an image by hitting the shutter immediately after focusing and in between hand shakes. Believe it or not.]

(No words with this one. I am honestly speechless.)

Please enjoy and just drink in the Absolute Beauty that is presented here. Comments are closed. I want you to feel the Love of Mother, of the One that flows through Mother, the same One Who flows through you and me.

I will see you on Monday. Next week I have planned — now this can change — Lilacs, Sparks Will Fly Begonias, Waterfalls, more Peonies, and questioning if we need a traffic light. When I see you on Monday, Rusty will be much stronger as will I. With Love, and (((HUGS))) Amy

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Photography/Writing 2014©AmyRose