In The Dirt

Yep, I surely am, in that dirt again. I bought SO many flowers yesterday, that when I came home my husband asked me if I bought the nursery out. (smile) My answer … just about! [GRIN] So, today I am putting up supports for my 8 Peony Bushes and planting the gorgeous petals I bought yesterday.

I have such delicious, scrumptious, gorgeous Petals to show you all, with color and design that will just have you ohhing and ahhing. The last year … about 3 years ago … that I planted annuals, I told myself NO MORE. It is a lot of work not only putting these flowers in, put the upkeep as well. I have to remember to water them when there is no rain, and lugging around a 2 gallon watering can does get heavy.

BUT! After last winter and its brutality, my Heart is crying for color and flowers. So, here I am once again playing in dirt. This photo was actually taken on a day when I was walking in my neighbor’s field with my camera. Seeing a buttercup, I knelt in the mud, yep, surely did and I have proof! The cat who is investigating my jeans is Rocky and the person who took the photograph is my husband.

Comments are closed on this one, friends. I really do have to spend all day today to get these flowers planted, and then if I still have strength left, start photographing them. Now, today would have to be windy. Huh. How do you like that? Sending all of you (((HUGS))) Amy

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Photography/Writing 2014©AmyRose