Monochrome Madness Week 13

Since I will be gardening tomorrow, I thought I would reblog this post of Leanne’s In the Monochrome Madness Week 13 series. These photographs are stunning, and each and every artist, in my opinion, needs to be recognized. Please enjoy looking at these images while I am on my knees in dirt. Any comments you may have, please leave them on Leanne’s blog. Thank you. (((HUGS))) Amy


Is 13 a unlucky number?  I don’t think so and I am not superstitious, so let’s go with lucky 13, or a baker’s dozen, that is how many weeks we have been doing this.


I have been very lucky this week.  A very good friend of mine has lent me her Canon 600D along with her 60mm macro.  Can you guess what I have been doing all week.  I thought I might use a macro image, and this is one of the few I got in focus.


If you want to find out about Laura’s image then you need you to go to her blog, Laura Macky.

I hope you are all still finding the challenge a challenge.  I know I am.  This week was a struggle and I was worried that I wouldn’t get an image.  I really do love this challenge and I like how it extends…

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